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Brought to you by Good Morning Gloucester ~ Happy Thanksgiving All!

In order of appearance:

Bowdie Russell

Joe Ciaramitaro

Katelyn Foley

Richie Cassola

Frankie Ciaramitaro

Cody Burns

Jerry McKay

Daniel J. Dunbar

Pete Mondello

Richie Baressi

Mike Tufts

Peter Libro

Matt St. Pierre

Steve Amaral

Tony Gross

Thank You Frankie Ciaramitaro for the Terrific Christmas Tree Disposal Bag Tip!

Cosmos Black Cat ©Kim Smith 2014Thank you Frankie–our cat Cosmos loves it too! The tree skirt was removed for only a moment to shake off the pine needles and look who claimed it for his own. Of all the least luxurious and uncomfy spots in which to take a cat nap!

When setting up the tree, open wide the ginormous tree-sized bag and place it under the tree stand. When it’s time to bring the tree to curbside, lift the tree off the stand and simply pull up the sides of the bag, preventing the usual pine needle mess.

Christmas tree disposal bags are available locally at Wolf Hill Home and Garden Center.

GREAT NEWS via Frankie from Captain Joes: The Lobster Pool Opens for the Season Tonight!!!

Lobster Pool Restaurant Rockport Cape Ann sunset ©Kim Smith 2012Sunset from the Lobster Pool

The Lobster Pool Restaurant opens tonight and will be open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during the month of April. For more information call 978-546-7808 or visit their website at Lobster Pool Restaurant. The Lobster Pool is BYOB and the menu is also available for take out.

Lobster Pool Restaurant Rockport Cape Ann ©Kim Smith 2012Click images to view larger

Video: Happy Thanksgiving from Captain Joes and Good Morning Gloucester

Plenty to Be Thankful For 

Brought to you by Good Morning Gloucester and the crews of lobster boats The Lady J and The Degelyse, and Brian O’Connor. Thanksgiving interviews with, in order of appearance, Joey Ciaramitaro, Ryan, Skipper Dave Jewell, Brain M O’Connor, Michael, Skipper Tuffy, Sean, and Frankie Ciaramitaro.

I’ve Got Plenty to Be Thankful For, sung by Bing Crosby and How Sweet It Is by Marvin Gaye.

Once again, a million and one thank yous to Joey and Frankie for allowing me to film and photograph from the dock at Captain Joe and Sons.

A Little Slice of Heaven…

I stopped by Captain Joe’s to pick up my lobster order this morning and Frankie says, “You here to pick up your little slice of heaven?”

That’s right Frankie!–I only get my lobsters from Captain Joe and Sons–the sweetest, freshest, most delicious lobster–bar none, without a doubt, BOOM!, no contest, we got that!

What’s your “summer slice of heaven?”