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Fort Square Café

As you know if you are even a casual reader that I love breakfast.  Being here in G Town there are soooo many great breakfast joints to go that we are spoiled. 

I go to different places for different reasons but there are just so many incredible options.

So yesterday it was Fort Square Café so I could stuff something down in my very limited time away from the dock but at the same time get some Greasy Pole Collapse reaction videos (thank you Samo and Rusty). 

Of course Fort Square Café is about as “Glosta” as it gets.  If you want real Glosta folks and ALWAYS a great smile and excellent attitude on top of inventive breakfasts just head on down.  It’s not fancy shmancy- not that fancy shmancy is bad, I’m just saying sometimes you just want to hang with Glosta peeps without any pretense, without any attitude and just let the Glosta wash over you.

So blessed.  So very blessed to have this crazy rich number of options for great breakfast joints.  Do you know that some cities that are our size and even some that are a little larger most times only have a couple of decent breakfast options?  Here we have at least a dozen GREAT ONES!


Fort Square Café Hash and Eggs

Fort Square café isn’t the only breakfast joint in G-Town where you can sit at the counter and feel as though you are part of the community no matter who you are but it combines that type of feel with some of the best grub in town.

Rusty and Heidi are about as real and welcoming as they come.  I would highly recommend that if you are new to the area to belly up to the breakfast counter and get a taste of Heidi’s delicious food and a healthy helping of Gloucester hospitality while you are at it.



Fort Square Café Pics From J Souza

Hey there.
We’re  big fans of the Fort Cafe and we thought we’d share a peek at some recent offerrings. Check out the stuffed French toast with ice cream -AMAZING -and the incredible assortment of baked goods in addition to all the delicious daily breakfast and lunch offerings.
Heidi is a cook/baker, extraordinaire and Rusty, Tony, Ellen and Krista complete the entertaining Fort Cafe team that makes for not only a delicious meal but a cozy environment with great company and conversation.
Check it out, right next to the Chamber of Commerce Building. It’s dangerously delicious…..

Fort Cafe - French toast-blueberry stuffed

Fort Cafe- Pastries

Wowza is all I can say!

Fort Square Cafe – Open Again

Menu Pictures Tomorrow

After a fire which had the Fort Square Café closed for months it is now open under new management.  Heidi is in charge and opens with a new menu.  Home made muffins and interesting breakfast choices with reasonable prices is the name of the game here.




North Shore Dish Features Fort Square Cafe!

The lovely ladies from North Shore Dish came down for the interviews we did last week and after we had finished up were off to Fort Square Cafe.

You can read their review here-

Gloucester’s Fort Square: Familiar Faces at Breakfast

Susanna Casper Writes In About Fort Square Cafe Mudiga Steak Sandwiches

Hi Joe,

I subscribe to GMG (my hometown) and I’ve been living in Boston for the past 25 years or so.  This past June you put up a pic of a Mudiga steak sandwich from the Fort Square Cafe.  Since my sister has been very ill with cancer (and just recently passed away on Aug 24) I’ve spent a ton of time in Gloucester at her house.  Her husband is from Sicily and he makes mudiga steaks but the ones in the pic looked so good that I’ve been craving one ever since.  Well, my husband and I were in Gloucester at my brother-in-law’s house, working on the house so I said “I’m going out to grab you guys something for lunch”.  I went to the Fort Square Cafe and ordered 8 mudiga steak sandwiches with the roasted peppers and provolone.  OMG.  Sooooooooo worth the wait.  While I was waiting for them to be cooked, they gave me a steak on the house “to try”.  I’ll be back in Gloucester next weekend and I’ll be rocking the mudiga steaks again.  RINGING ENDORSEMENT!!!!  Thanks for the hook-up.

Susanna Casper

Mudiga Steak Sandwich At Fort Square Cafe

Mudiga Steak Sandwich At Fort Square Cafe

I’m glad we steered you in the right direction:)

Tell your friends, tell your neighbors.  Lets make sure our local restaurants get the recognition they deserve!

Fort Square Cafe Mudiga Steaks and Eggs

The Mrs, The Bean and Snoop Maddie Mad are heading over to my mother’s house this morning to learn how to make mudiga and zugu.  My favorite home cooked meal growing up was always mudiga steaks with mashed potatoes and peas.   I’d make a little nest in the mashed potatoes and put the peas in there.

Fort Square Cafe Mudiga Steaks and Eggs

Mudiga Steak Sandwich At Fort Square Cafe

If you’re an out of towner or if you’re an in-towner but haven’t gone to experience a mudiga steak sandwich at the Fort Square Cafe you have no idea what you’re missing.

This is the real deal baby!  Old school Sicilian staple bursting with flavor.  Made with the good oil and the Italian breadcrumbs on a fresh Virgilio’s roll.

What are you waiting for?   Get your ass down there!

Mudiga Steak Sandwich at The Fort Square Cafe

Mudiga Steak Sandwich at The Fort Square Cafe

Here’s the directions so now you have no excuse-

click map for directions

click map for directions

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