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FV Endeavor in the Foggy Sunset

Heading out to photograph wild creatures, instead I found fog. Beginning in the afternoon and lasting into sunset, waves and ribbons of fog enveloped the east end of Gloucester until only shapes and silhouettes were visible.

Fog Ribbons and FV Endeavor

A wedding reception was underway at the Yacht Club, lots of folks were out watching the setting sun, and a photo shoot was taking place on the Dogbar. Returning home, Niles Beach and Ten Pound Island were even more shrouded in fog. Final stop was the Paint Factory to catch the last glimmer of light. Looking towards Ten Pound Island from the Paint Factory, in the last Instagram you can see the sliver of a crescent moon.

Great Auk #foggynight #gloucesterma

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Paint Factory #foggynight #gloucesterma

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Ten Pound Island #foggynight #gloucesterma

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Greater Yellowlegs foraging in the marsh.

I have loved this past month’s atmospheric and textured, misty April weather. Do you recall an April as foggy? I don’t. Whenever out and about and a spare moment was mine, I grabbed my camera and had a go at capturing beautiful fog-shrouded Cape Ann.

Piping Plover

Trying out the new teleconverter–note the little tiny figure fishing on the breakwater in the photo on the left, which was shot at 18mm, and then with the 400mm lens plus tele.

Same focal lengths with Ten Pound Island.

And then the sun came out.

evanescent pink fog



7pm from where I was standing at the cut bridge and Stacy Boulevard (Western Avenue), 9/20/16

The weather had me stop and the special had us stay. Not a bad vista waiting for our ‘two for Tuesday’ buy-one-get-one-free pizzas from  Poseidon’s after a Magnolia soccer practice.

Foggy Morning Music at Annisquam Lighthouse

Lighthouse Annisquam Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2015I had a wonderful adventure early his morning looping around Cape Ann and listening for the clearest fog horn sounds to record. My drive began at the Paint Factory to listen for the Ten Pound Island fog horn, then onto Eastern Point Lighthouse, Thacher Island Light, and Straitsmouth Island Light, before landing at the lighthouse at Annisquam. For my purposes the Annisquam Lighthouse was perfect and I loved the combined sounds of fog horn, birds awakening, waves lapping at the shore, and the clanging of buoy bells in the distance. I think I got some good stuff!Lighthouse Beach Annisquam Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2015


Lighthouse Annisquam Gloucester  - 3 ©Kim Smith 2015Lighthouse Beach Annisquam Gloucester -1 ©Kim Smith 2015Lighthouse Annisquam Gloucester -2 ©Kim Smith 2015Lighthouse Beach Annisquam Gloucester  -4 ©Kim Smith 2015Click the triangle to hear the Annisquam Lighthouse foghorn.

Recording gorgeous foggy morning music! Annisquam Lighthouse #GloucesterMA

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Niles Beach Fog Saturday 05/30

Until the fog burned off the International Dory Eliminations race directions were going to be simple:  “If you see Hammond Castle, turn around…”

Niles Beach in the Thickening Fog

Niles Beach Foggy Afternon ©Kim Smith 2014After a day of madly painting interior rooms, whipping our home into shape for the holidays, and for Liv’s upcoming wedding, I took a walk to get out of the paint fumes in what I had hoped would be a lifting fog. Instead of dissipating, around every bend in the road the fog became increasingly dense.  Albeit beautifully atmospheric, I imagined how dangerous it would be to be aboard a ship in the heavy fog and wouldn’t have wanted for anything to be a sailor or fisherman yesterday.


Your Dream and The Fog


These are segments of writings by Nanice Ellis, a spiritual teacher who for me anyway always gives the perfect teaching at the perfect time.  Her segment about fog arrived in my email the day before I encountered the fog bow.  I believe one or more of you dreamers out there might benefit from reading this.

“Your dreams and desires are not random or accidental.  They are specifically chosen just for you.

It might seem as if they originate in your own mind, but this is merely the means in which Life communicates to you.

Life is living consciousness that speaks to you through giving you a personal dream and the inspiration to fulfill that dream.  The dream which you are given is the spiritual blue print for your life.  You are not required to follow this blue print or fulfill the dream, but when you do, your happiness level is increased, and when you don’t, it feels as if something is missing.  Your dream is your purpose, or at the very least contains the seeds of your purpose.  When followed, the dream unfolds into the divine plan for your life, ultimately leading you to your Best Life Destiny

If you have a dream, you already have, or will acquire, everything that you need in order to fulfill that dream.

Think of your personal dream as part of the Great Puzzle for humanity.  As you fulfill your dream, you complete a piece of the puzzle.  Your completed puzzle piece joins with others who have also followed their dreams, and as the pieces come together, the Great Puzzle is completed.  This is the beginning of the New Earth; the collective dream of peace, harmony, freedom and abundance for every being on this planet.

You can be, do, or have anything that you desire. The key is clarifying what you desire and taking concrete steps to align with your dream. It means getting out of your own way, releasing fear, doubt and destructive emotional and mental habits. It means becoming the you who has already realized the dream. It means getting focused yet releasing control of the wheel so that the power of the Universe can assist you in every possible way.

Step 1 – Gain Clarity and Insight

Step 2 – Release personal blocks and dis-empowering beliefs

Step 3 – Align with your dream, desire or purpose
Step 4 – Take inspired action
Step 5 – Invoke the power of the Universe to work on your behalf

When your dream seems out of reach, don’t stop believing. Believe even more.”

”Often when we approach the realization of our dreams, there is great fog before the top of the mountain.  Many turn back upon reaching the fog, in disbelief that their dreams are near or even possible.

The fog is not the time to turn back and give up.  The fog is the time to recommit to your dream, and keep going.  Just because you can’t see the mountain top doesn’t mean it is not there.  Think about where fog resides …does it not hover just below the peak of the mountain?

How many turn back just because they believe circumstance or conditions?  Circumstances and conditions are not to be believed; they are lies, they are deceptive, they are designed by life to separate the real dreamers from the lazy.

What it takes to pass the fog is becoming the person who is already on top of the mountain,
looking down on the path that got him there, in reverence, respect and gratitude, for he knows that it was the path that molded him into the person he had to become in order to realize the dream.

The realization of the dream always comes with sacrifice – sacrifice of disbelief, doubt, self-criticism, ego, self pity, and ones past self.  No one makes it to the mountain top with any of these inner burdens.

The fog represents all that the dreamer has carried with him up to this point.  The fog seems heavy and impassable, but fog is just fog.  It is intangible.  Try to capture a jar of fog.  It is impossible.  There is nothing there, nothing to hold on to.

To make it to the top of the mountain, in dream realization, one must let go of everything that clouds his vision, and as he does, the clouds lift and the fog is gone.  Often one realizes that he is only steps from the top of the mountain.”

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