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Flowers in a Pinch

While I’m not proud of waiting until near to the last minute….it was only because I knew that I could score some really nice, fresh flowers on Easter morning by stopping at Shaw’s.

There are absolutely some local florists that I love and when looking for something really special I always head to one of them.  That having been said, when looking for a simple bouquet, I always have great luck at Shaw’s.  I really do.

So, on Easter morning…actually like 12:00/noon time….I stopped by, selected three different bunches of flowers, and asked the really nice young girl working the flower counter to make two arrangements by combining them.

It took all of five minutes and, if you ask me, they were perfect.  To quote her, the little bouquets were “simple and sophisticated.”  And, they were.  When packaged in classic brown paper and a simple little ribbon they were totally charming.

Total cost for both:  $24.   I left totally wishing I had made a 3rd so I could bring one home to my own house….but, then realized the puppy would have eaten it anyway.




Raindrops on roses

Some of our neighbors have roses right next to the sidewalk, and I took this photo with my iPhone the other day when it was raining. The two little round drops perched on top of the uppermost petal look like Muppet eyes to me… and the way it curls over is like a mouth.  As if the rose were a character from Jim Henson’s imagination…

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