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Who’s got “First Flower”?

On December 6 Sharon posted a frozen chrysanthemum as last flower. What I want to see is first flower. It might reach 50 degrees tomorrow and right through the weekend. So can we make a contest for who can get a first flower posted? Crocus, Pussy Willow, even just the buds on a Weeping Willow will do it for me. Extra points if there is a boat in the background.

If there is a Crocus flowering in your yard Miss Etiquette says it is OK to drink Gin and Tonics in the backyard. Find that crocus.

Wish Restaurant Centerpiece At The Hotel South Beach Miami

The Mrs was impressed by the simplicity and elegance of this Centerpiece at Wish Restaurant in The Hotel at South Beach.  If y’all ever get an invitation for a dinner party at our house don’t be surprised to find the very same style centerpiece on the table.