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Big-Ass Shrimp at Kirk’s Seafood Naples Florida

As most of you know whenever I go on vacation I try to swing by whatever seafood establishments are around and talk to the people there to get a feeling of what is happening in their corner of the world.

Kirk Seafood is a retail store located across the street from Cambier Park.  The park we bring the girls in the heart of olde Naples, Florida.  I popped in and commented about the “Big-Ass Shrimp” sign saying “Big-Ass Shrimp!  I Love That!”  The woman behind the counter replied “well I loved writing it!”

Come to find out she was the owner and a Massachusetts native.  She had married a fisherman from Marco Island over 20 years ago and moved down to be with him. 

We got to talking about fishing and the regulations which have pretty much decimated the commercial fishing industry down there.  I thought we had it bad where we are but it seems the commercial fishing lobby down south was no match for the regulators down there.  So she turned to retail and has a beautiful store.  Spottless and the fish was the freshest I’ve seen down here.  We talked for a good bit-until my spidey senses told me the Mrs probably had had enough and she was ready to hit the park.