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It’s always amazing to drive around town the morning of the Fish Town Horribles Parade and see all the empty chairs and decorations! All of these shots were taken with my iPhone while fighting through traffic to drop off stuff at our GMG party corner. So this one is for all those folks who are not home, or moved out of town, enjoy! Now stop by the GMG tent and party with us!!!

Kate Seidman Presents Ocean Alliance’s Odyssey Crew With Touching Flag Before Gulf Mission Send Off

The Script At The Bottom Of The Flag Reads “We All Fish In The Same Sea Gloucester Ma July 2010”

The Odyssey Left Yesterday Morning On A Mission To Collect Scientific Data In The Gulf.


click the picture to view the flag full size



Video Tonight

Privatizing Our Fisheries Will Leave Small Independent Fishermen Tattered

Sure a few fishermen will be able to sell out to big corporations for large amounts of money but once that circle is complete within a few generations, the way of the independent commercial fisherman will become much like the way of the small independent farmer.  Permits and boats will be far too costly for any individual to stake their claim much like my Grandfather Captain Joe did when he came to this country. Much like many of the Irish and Portuguese fishermen did.  Working hard, supporting families, buying businesses, sending their children to college and buying homes locally.

The stuff that real communities are made of.  The stuff that Gloucester IS made of.