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It’s On Baby!

Post Italy-

Last night: Planks, Pushups and Lunges.

Hamstrings are not happy with me.

Breakfast: Two Egg Whites, Greek Yogurt. Stretching.

This is it baby, I’m in it to win it!

Motivated.  I’ll be ready to wear the new grape smugglers I bought on vacation in no time. Smile

Filling in home workouts with time at The MAC


Time To Work Out- Gonna Hit the MAC

After sitting on a beach for a week straight and eating like a pig in Playa del Carmen I’ve decided to not let myself blow up like an Alabama tick and am going to start working out again to keep off that winter spare tire.


I decided on The Manchester Athletic Club for several reasons.  The kids take swimming lessons there and the Mrs does her newfangled workouts there but also with the Gloucester and Manchester locations I can bring the girls in and set them up in the Gymazing class while I get my work out on in Manchester or I have the option to pop in the Gloucester location on a day when there might only be a couple of boats out fishing.  Being able to spend a little time with the kids at the gym and for the Mrs to have some time to herself will be a big time bonus as well!

Elizabeth Harrigan talks about getting back to working out after some time away from the gym.  I can totally relate.

It also didn’t hurt that they have a zero to join through January 31st deal.

Check Out Elizabeth Harrigan in this video-


GMG Health and Fitness Week- Crossfit Cape Ann


First, we are NOT a normal gym. Our workouts change everyday, not only keeping it fresh and exciting, but giving our athletes a broad based level of fitness that allows them to perform well at any task life throws at them. ROUTINE IS THE ENEMY! We believe that true health and fitness is attained by training a wide variety of functional movements and executing them at high intensity. CFCA challenges the “big-box gym” mentality by using barbells, kettlebells, gymnastics, medicine balls, plyometrics, and Olympic lifts to get their athletes in peak physical shape. We don’t have machines…you are the machine!

CrossFit works for a wide range of people. Our classes are made up a variety of people of all athletic backgrounds. It is common to have soldiers, soccer moms, and senior citizens all working out side by side. The daily workout is the same for everyone; it’s the intensity we change to meet individual needs. We can adjust weight up or down, scale movements to train around injuries or deficiencies, etc. The end result is that everyone gets a great workout that is scaled appropriately to their abilities.
At Crossfit Cape Ann there is a genuine sense of community, encouragement, and maybe a just a touch of friendly competition. That supportive community and class structure is the greatest asset to keeping your workouts fun and you accountable. Also, all of our members are required to set measurable goals (“to get in shape” is not measurable) and given a journal to track their fitness progress.

Come down and check us out for free and see if it’s for you. We train everyone from any fitness level and background. Our members are like family. All are welcome.

Check us out online for more info on our community
www.crossfitcapeann.com. And check out our testimonials page

http://crossfitcapeann.com/2011/03/21/testimonials/ or find us on facebook http://www.facebook.com/people/CrossFit-Cape-Ann/100001474524761

crossfitcapeann.com 978 290 3786