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Yeah I’m Kickin Your Butt Muffy

Five lbs of fat. Pre-workout.  Cuz that’s how I roll. Hope you’re keeping up. I’m posting our standings tomorrow.

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It’s On Baby!

Post Italy- Last night: Planks, Pushups and Lunges. Hamstrings are not happy with me. Breakfast: Two Egg Whites, Greek Yogurt. Stretching. This is it baby, I’m in it to win it! Motivated.  I’ll be ready to wear the new grape … Continue reading

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Time To Work Out- Gonna Hit the MAC

After sitting on a beach for a week straight and eating like a pig in Playa del Carmen I’ve decided to not let myself blow up like an Alabama tick and am going to start working out again to keep … Continue reading

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GMG Health and Fitness Week- Crossfit Cape Ann

First, we are NOT a normal gym. Our workouts change everyday, not only keeping it fresh and exciting, but giving our athletes a broad based level of fitness that allows them to perform well at any task life throws at … Continue reading

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