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Beautiful Industry- Dory Plug

These plugs went into the bottom of the dories that Grand Banks Dory Fishermen used back in the old days.    They were used to drain water from the dories once they were brought back aboard the schooners. But they also served another purpose.  Geno tells me that the loop that comes off the bottom was used in case the dory flipped over in the ocean.  Capsized, there would be nothing for the dory fisherman to hold on to once the dory was upside down.  So that loop which would be through the bottom of the boat would be used for  the  capsized fisherman to pull himself  onto the upside down boat in the water.

Geno Mondello’s Dory Shop, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Gorton’s Seafoods Gallery At Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center

Getting pictures of stuff behind glass is a challenge, especially without a tripod and with funky lighting but this gives you a little glimpse of some of Gloucester’s fishing past which has been preserved and displayed here.  You just gotta go check out the exhibit at The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center.  These are original advertisement and packaging from Gorton’s back in the day.  There’s just a ton to look at and discover here.

State Fish Pier

Many days you can drive by the State Fish Piere on a beautiful day and the boats will be tied to the pier.  10-15 years ago you never would have seen boats tied up on such beautiful days.  The guys would be out fishing. 

Between Federal Regulations, and an aging fleet of skippers you see this more and more.  We have a handful of great young skippers coming up but it is but a handful.  It’s going to be scary in another ten years when the last of the big generation of skippers are retired and the permits that they fish are gobbled up and consolidated.  This huge harbor under the current regulations will have great difficulty supporting such a contracted industrial base.  

State Fish Pier, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Schooner Adventure Sails Into Gloucester 1988 From Ron Gilson’s Collection

While at Ron Gilson’s house I saw this poster sized picture of The Adventure coming into Gloucester Harbor under sail in 1988.  What is interesting about the picture is that if you look at City Hall in 1988 it was surrounded by scaffolding under a reconstruction.  Some twenty years later it was surrounded by scaffolding once again.

Look for the first of a three part video series from Ron Gilson’s house satrting todat at 8:00AM

Schooner Adventure Sails Into Gloucester 1988 From Ron Gilson’s Collection, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Chickity Check It!-Ron Gilson Author Of An Island No More Is Blogging!

click the link below for

Ron Gilson’s TheGloucesterILove.Blogspot.com

From Ron-

This blog, hosted by noted author and Gloucester historian, Ron Gilson, will commence regular publication on Friday, March 20th, 2009. We look forward to your joining and engaging us as we embrace both the past and the future of America’s oldest commercial fishing port, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

I really enjoyed our three part interview with Ron this week.  To check it out you can click on these links-

Ron Gilson Part I

Ron Gilson Part II

Ron Gilson Part III

Ron Gilson Author Of An Island No More, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Dragger Pamet Door

This is one door out of a set of two which separate the net when it is set off of the stern of the trawler(dragger).  The chains you see are attached to the cable wire which is released from the winch.  Then the net is attached to the doors to get the spread needed to maximize the area of open net and snare as much fish as possible.

Dragger Pamet Door, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Ron Gilson- Gloucester Fishing Historian Video Interview Part III

Gloucester’s True Fishing Industry Historian, Ron Gilson Talks About Gloucester’s Fishing Past In This Third Part Of Our Video Interview-

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1898331&dest=-1]

Ron Gilson- Gloucester Fishing Historian Part II

Gloucester’s True Fishing Industry Historian, Ron Gilson Talks About Gloucester’s Fishing Past In This Second Part Of Our Video Interview-

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1897727&dest=-1]

Industrial Crab Cooker- Kelly’s Fish House Naples Fl

They can cook up to 500 pounds of crab claws in this industrial cooker.  At first I thought they cooked the entire crab but they rip the claws off and cook only the claws and toss the crab back to the ocean to regenerate new claws.  A half ton winch lowers and raises the boiling container out of the vat. 

Video coming up tonight at 5:00PM


Kely’s Fish House, Naples, Fla

Whenever I go on vacation I try to get down to the commercial docks to talk to fishermen or fish dealers.  Kelly’s Fish House is just down the street from my parents crib so I swing by there when I’m in Naples to see what’s up.

Here is Keith working.  I got a couple interviews to share with you guys from Kelly’s to share with you once I edit them.

This is a conveyor that boats pull up to and offload their catch.  There is only a three foot tide in Naples so they don’t have the much larger swings in tide like our 9-10 foot tides in Gloucester.  I was shocked that they don’t have a take out boom but they don’t need it.  The conveyor works out just fine for them.

Kely’s Fish House, Naples, Fla, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Beautiful Industry- Cape Pond Ice

Here is Scott Memhard, owner of Cape Pond Ice.  The picture is taken from the tower where ice is distributed to either oceanside to the boats or truck dockside to truck trade.

Beautiful Industry- Cape Pond Ice, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


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