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Fishing Partnership tribute to Angela Sanfilippo

Clay Sign Service installing a monumental and beautiful tribute ‘THE SEA IS A VITAL RESOURCE. SO IS SHE.’ on the back of 189 Main Street (above Wisdom’s Heart and the police station parking lot)

More honors planned for Angela Sanfilippo: see Gloucester Daily Times article about two big upcoming events: Sea to Supper at Mile Marker One on August 24th and the Fishing Partnership 20th Anniversary Gala at the Boston Fish Pier in September. 

and Manny’s post on GMG

Fishermen’s Wives website 

HarborWalk Fishermens Wives marker


Plastic fish baskets submitted to The GMG Flickr Group by ciabat

These fish baskets are what are used by a majority of fishermen on deck as they sort all the different species and sizes of fish they catch.   They are much lighter and clean up alot nicer than the old galvanized wire baskets that they used up until about the mid eighties.

e72-1, originally uploaded by ciabat.

After a quick google search I found a company down in Memphis that still sells the 2 bushel wire baskets-
Amazingly they sell for $84 for the wire ones while the plastic ones were priced at $23.95


Net Offloading With Swan Net Boom Truck

What I didn’t realize all these times watching the Swan Net Boom Truck offload nets was that the power block and boom are actually remote controlled.  They have this futuristic control board that clips around the operator’s waist with a bunch of paddle controls which control the movements.

Swan Net Boom Truck, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Net Offloading, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Herring Boat Transvac Nozzle

This is the nozzle that gets lowered down into the hold to suck the herring out.  Note the round connections.  That is a pretty standard size for these transvacs and interchange for quick connecting and disconecting in the event that more hose is needed or if they need to reconfigure the set up.

Herring Boat Transvac Sucker, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Herring Boat Transvac- Giant Fish Vacuum

Here is a herring boat Transvac.  It is used to suck the herring out of the holds of the huge boats.  A vacuum is created between the fish and salt water and they get sucked out of the boat and onto the dock.  Thse transvac units are sometimes mounted on trailers and transported up and down the coast as the herring migrate up and down.  Some are mounted on the boats themselves.  Bottom line is that this fishing industry innovation has saved a ridiculous amount of work when fishermen used to have to bale the fish out using dip nets and winches and a whole lot of back work.

Recycled Tires Cut into Discs For Groundlines

This is a picture of a coil of ground wire that is covered with discs made from recycled tires.

The nets of a dragger travel across the ocean floor and can get caught up on big rocks but with the rubber discs surrounding the wire it will allow the dragger to go over slightly more uneven fishing bottom where fish may be hiding as opposed to the easy flat bottom in which a net would glide right over.

When they use much larger discs they are called rock-hoppers.  They will roll over much larger rocks instead of stopping the boat dead in it’s tracks or getting hung down on the big rocks.

Western Venture Net Loading

Here’s a picture left from the other day when the Western Venture was loading it’s net from the Swan Net Boom Truck.

What is interesting about it is how high it sits out of the water so that the opening in the stern of the boat is perfectly lined up with the level of the pier so the net slides right into the stern of the boat and onto it’s net reel in a straight shot.  Do you see those two rectangular openings in the stern of the boat that look like garage door openings?  Just inside there is where the net reels are located.

Western Venture Net Loading, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Western Venture Net Loading Onto Net Reel

As the net reel reels the net on, the crew guide it back and forth so it will be loaded evenly onto the spool. A net this large you wouldn’t want all bunched up in the middle.

Western Venture Net Loading

Here you see the men guiding the net off of the boom truck. They are making sure it is spread properly so once it gets loaded onto the net reel on the boat, it will set off from the boat properly and not all messed up when it hits the water fishing. On evenly distributed=off evenly distributed.

Western Venture Net Loading, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Swan Net Boom Truck

I wonder how much the nets weigh? I mean the nets these boats tow are enormous, filling up this big truck. My guess is wet they would weigh 18,000 pounds and dry 15,000 pounds.

My guess is based on the size of that truck bed. It looks like it could carry 8 vats, and each vat holds roughly 1500 pounds.

Swan Net Boom Truck, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

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