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Glass Gear Follow Up From Bill O’Connor

Hi Joey,

Here’s a follow up photo for the glass buoy shot I sent you. This one shows the glass ball in the net bag used to hold the ball. This bag/ball assembly  would then be attached to one edge of a net to make it buoyant while the other end sunk in the water column to form an open seine. It’s pretty amazing to think about what these things went through when they were in use and that some actually survived the beating!  It’s also a pretty neat glimpse into the world before there was plastic.

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


Beautiful Industry Fishing Net Gear

This plate is where the different sections of the net are connected. It connects on the other side to the main cable that will wrap around winch and pull the net aboard the boat.  You see where there are three shackles connected to this metal plate which spread the net apart to get the maximum area of ocean covered to snare thse fish.


B & N Fishing Gear

In the rear of Gloucester Auto Body on Maplewood Ave is B and N Fishing Gear owned by Corrado Buccieri.  This commercial fishing supply store is located across from the Car wash on Maplewood Ave, nowhere near the waterfront but many fishermen do business here.

B & N Fishing Gear, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Rope and Wire At B & N Fishing Gear

Against the wall there are coils of rope and wire used on fishing boats.

There are all different sizes and types.   Some rope is braided some is not, some is hard lay (which means its stiff and more durable) some is soft lay (which is easier to handle but will not last as long with a lot of friction).

When people order the rope or wire they order lengths and at the end of the spool there more often than not is a left over piece that is too short to be of any use.

B & N Fishing Gear

Corrado carries all types of swivels, and snap blocks, gloves, shovels, fish picks, basically anything you need as far as commercial fishing gear, he can get.  Other places to get these type of things are Three Lanterns, and Rose’s Marine.

If you are in need, swing by and see either Matty out back or Corrado himself.

B & N Fishing Gear, originally uploaded by captjoe06.