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Purchase Your Tickets Today for the Upcoming Gloucester Garden Tour!

We hope you can join us and please help spread the word. The funds raised will go directly towards maintaining the Fishermen’s Wives Memorial and Gardens and the butterfly gardens at the HarborWalk. The tour is hosted by GenerousGardeners and the Harvard Club of the North Shore. I am going to be at the HarborWalk Gardens throughout the day to answer all your habitat gardening questions. And I will be giving two guided tours, the first at 1:00 and again at 2:00.

To purchase tickets.

Today is the last day you can purchase tickets at the 20.00 price. Tomorrow they go up to 25.00. For the first 50 ticket holders, free parking at Stage Fort Park is included.


Female Ruby-throated Hummingbird ~ Susan Kelly Photo

Susan shares this photo of a female Ruby-throated Hummingbird that frequents her garden. If you want female hummingbirds to choose your garden to build their nests nearby, I recommend putting your hummingbird feeders out early, in March and April. Northward migrating hummingbirds are in need of nourishment by they time they reach our shores. Their diet consist primarily of small insects; there are few insects on the wing and even fewer nectar plants blooming. I place my hummingbird feeders above early blooming Red Riding Hood Tulips. Although the tulips do not provide nectar, the red flowers lure them to the hummingbird feeders.

A note about hummingbird feeders. Never add red food coloring or use honey to sweeten the water. To make your own sugar solution, combine 1 part pure granulated sugar to 4 parts water. Clean you hummingbird feeders weekly with a 50/50 combination of vinegar and water; more frequently in warm weather.

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Fishermens Wives’ Memorial

Designed by Gloucester sculptor Morgan Faulds Pike, the statue captures the all too familiar pose of waiting-with-strength known to wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters of fishermen and mariners whose family members chose to go out to sea. The memorial is a reminder that while the men are out at sea, the women are active in the community engaged in the work of promoting and preserving the Gloucester and New England fishing industry and helping active and retired fishermen and their families live better lives.  When I look at this picture, the mother’s face and her children holding her hand and her shirt say it all.