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So the Gauntlet Of Gross Has Been Thrown Down–Eating A Beating Striper Heart


So this youngster aboard the Connemara Bay thinks he can out gross the master- Toby Burnham?

How will Toby respond to such disrespect for the gross out game that this youngster has shown?  Has the elder statesman of gross not earned a little more respect than to be called out in a 11 second YouTube video? Stay tuned for Toby’s response.

From the website of Connemara Bay Fishing Charters

How to: Eat a beating striper heart

It is not the first time and probably will not be the last time we see an angler kick back a striper heart like a shot of whiskey.

Dana Wensberg was sure to get all the taste from this one as he chewed before swallowing. He also called out a local lobsterman, Toby Burnham, who frequently entertains tourists by biting the heads off of rotten herring

This back from 2009 when the youngster was probably still wearing diapers.

German fisherman catches world-record 515-pound Atlantic halibut

German fisherman catches world-record 515-pound Atlantic halibut

Marco Liebenow thought he hooked a submarine while fishing Norwegian waters; fish was so big it wouldn’t fit into the 19-foot boat

August 16, 2013 by David Strege

For the entire story and more pictures click here

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This story was forwarded to me by no less than 4 people and while by today’s standards it sure is a huge Halibut I remember my dad telling me stories about our Grandfather routinely landing Halibut aboard the Benjamin C that were as big as the forktuck.

So I don’t know if the world record is for something like a rod and reel record but from what my dad used to say those fish “back in the day” were caught all the time.

Maybe some of the old timers like Ron Gilson or our regular fishermen readers like Joe Testaverde can chime in on this.

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