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Linda rae Castagna Writes About The Fisherman’s Memorial Service

My husband Rob and I come as often as possible to visit your wonderful area.  Thank you for all your work on GoodMorningGloucester – it keeps up up to date.  Yesterday we visited the Fisherman’s Memorial Service, thanks to your mention of it.  Thought you might want a couple of pictures from the experience and separately I will send the video from my iPhone.  Very moving service for two people who realize that it is because of these hardworking men that we have our favorite seafood whenever we want it.  Very humbling, to say the least.  Linda and Rob Castagna




Fisherman’s Memorial Service Notice from Barry Pett

From Barry Pett-

Just thinking, our Fisherman’s Memorial Service is this Saturday, procession from the Legion at 5pm, followed by the service at the statue from about 5:15 til 6pm. Everyone is welcome, and those who come to the service could just stroll up to Main Street for the Block Party. Maybe you could post a notice here?
And FYI, Josie (Orlando) Russo and Grace (Orlando) Burbridge will be our speakers this year, it will be an extremely emotional and timely service.
Thanks again for the GMG blog …….. and the Block Parties ……….woohoo ;) !!