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Updated! Photos of Fisherman/woman Statue from Scandinavia

This just in-

Hi Joey-

I  arrived home from Iceland last evening and was catching up on GMG posts when I saw that Sarah Clark had posted some great photos of other fisherman statues. She commented that she wished she had a GMG sticker when she had taken them so I must have taken this photo for her!

Best-Janet (Rice)


Original email-

Sarah Clark submits-

Hi, Joey,
Here are a fisherman and fisherman’s wife statues from Alesund, Norway. Next to them are two views of the fishermen’s statue in Reykavik, Iceland. Wish I had thought to have a Good Morning Gloucester sticker when I took these!  Just thought folks in Gloucester might enjoy these.


Djahlmer Ray, first-generation Finnish immigrant who lived in Lanesville during the Great Depression Patent For Fishing Reel in 1938

Djahlmer Ray, first-generation Finnish immigrant who lived in Lanesville during the Great Depression, filed this patent for a fishing reel in 1938. His brief for the patent sums it all up: he wanted a reel that was durable, inexpensive to manufacture, and simple to repair. In other words, a Lanesville man through and through.
More important, RAY wanted a reel whose drag was easy to control when landing large fish!
Ray was interviewed in 1978 for the Gloucester Oral History project. By then he had moved to Fairhaven.
His and other residents’ interviews can be checked out on CD from the Sawyer Free Library.

Link to his patent’s images:

Thanks To Adam Bolonsky For forwarding this

Whiskey Barrel Aged Fisherman’s Rock-Porter At Cape Ann Brewing Friday Night April 22nd

This coming Friday, April 22nd, Cape Ann Brewing Company along with Ryan & Wood Distillery will be tapping our collaborative project; Whiskey Barrel Aged Fisherman’s Rock-Porter. Oak barrels used by Ryan & Wood to age their rye whiskey for 2 years were re-used by Cape Ann Brewing to age our Fisherman’s Rock-Porter for another 2 months. This event marks the first of many future collaborations between the two companies. Come down to The Pub at Cape Ann Brewing on Friday at Six O’Clock pm and talk with the brewer, Dylan Labbe Lindquist and from Ryan & Wood, the distiller Bob Ryan.



Adam Bolonsky Sends In Striper Fishing Video

Hi Joey,
I just posted a short video of Marvin Tighe (Rocky Neck) striper fishing off Flat Rocks at Rockport.
He lands a schoolie and gives  some commentary on bait.

Kayak Fishing for Striped Bass: Trolling the Tube and Worm-

A Local Gloucester, MA Kayak Fisherman Offers Some Insights Into Trolling the Tube and Worm


Movie – “One More Dead Fish”

Click poster for more info.

The Cape Ann Community Cinema
267 East Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930


Allen and Stefan Forbes’s “One More Dead Fish” tells the heartwrenching story of environmentally-friendly handline fishermen fighting to survive in a rapidly globalizing industry. In fascinating interviews with local fishermen, government officials, biologists, and industry CEO’s, we learn about complex regulatory, legislative, and environmental issues. This film grounds the viewer in a clear historical context as it explains one of the world’s great environmental disasters, the destruction of the Grand Banks fisheries. And in examining the often Orwellian language of the multinational fishing industry, “One More Dead Fish” explores the media’s failure to report on the true environmental costs of globalization. This film points the way toward saving the world’s fisheries before it’s too late.

Join Joe and Helen Garland and Ron Gilson after the film for what is sure to be an impassioned discussion on the state of the fishing industry.

Tom Porter & Shamus

Tom Porter owns The Susan & Kimberly, a lobster boat.  Tom is one of about six guys in this harbor that have the absolute best stories to tell.  You could listen to the outrageous antics that he has lived through fishing for hours and hours and never get tired.

He brought down Shamus the day before yesterday, a 4 month old Irish Jack Russell.  It’s kinda funny to see rough, tough Tommy Porter handle this little puppy.

Shamus, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

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