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Beautiful Industry- Salted Pogies

Picked up some lobster bait this morning for our boats.  Our guys prefer herring to pogies as pogies get extremely greasy and make working on the deck of the boats dangerous.  Once that pogie juice gets on the deck it’s literally as if you were walking around on a pond covered with axle grease.

Salted Pogies

Salted Pogies

Horn Pout

Mark Ring brought this unusual fish in yesterday.  The diamond pattern markings going in all different directions on it’s head are pretty neat.  You don’t normally see sharp straight lines as markings on fish.  Its almost prehistoric looking.

Horn Pout, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Salted Mackerel

Salted herring and mackerel sit in vats, preserved for use as lobster bait.

Over time the salt draws all the fluid from the fish and they shrivel up a bit.  Here, our friend Mr Mackerel could use a drink of water to rehydrate.  Not to worry, soon enough he will be stuffed in a bait bag and sent off the back of a lobster boat to lure in some unsuspecting lobster that’s poking around at the bottom of the ocean looking for a meal.  Mr Mackerel will sure enough find that water once again…..just before he becomes lunch.

Salted Mackerel, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Gloucester Doors

This is a beautiful Gloucester Door.

I wonder why some people hang fish that are not caught in our waters above their doors.  Maybe the idea is that a fish is a fish and this is a fish town so any fish will do.  Or maybe the person that owns this house has a deep connection to Florida game fishing, hence the hanging of a Mahi Mahi.  I dunno, but it’s still a really pretty Gloucester Door regardless of what type of fish is hung above it.

Gloucester Doors, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Cunna Lips

This is a cunna.

These fish are full of bones and not worth cooking.

See those little teeth?  When you are fishing off the dock they pick apart your chunk bait and leave your hook untouched.  They just pick pick pick at your bait, clean you out and leave your hook bare, making fishing next to impossible when they are around.

Cunna Lips, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

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