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Pan Seared Golden Tilefish With Lemon Herb Confetti Rice

PrintIMG_2189Pan Seared Tile Fish with Lemon Herb Confetti Rice


Golden  Tilefish caught by husband Barry & friends off the coast of Cape Hatteras North Carolina

barry fishing trip NC 2014



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Grilled Ginger Infused Mahi-Mahi with Mango Salsa



Grilled Ginger Infused Mahi-Mahi with Mango Salsa

Tuesday night’s Grilled Mahi-Mahi dinner was caught off the coast of Hatteras NC by my husband Barry’s and his buddy Ralph  during their week of male bonding and fishing!  I’m super excited to have fresh Mahi-Mahi, Grouper, and Golden Pile fish in the freezer!   

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Sista Felicia’s Haddock Chowder



Our family has had a  love affair with fish and all things from the sea for generations. Being in the fishing industry our family was blessed to always have an endless supply of fresh seafood at their finger tip. For generations, the women in our family  took it upon themselves to continually created new recipes using what was plentiful and in season. During the winter months of my childhood haddock was like chicken in our homes, and Haddock Chowder was served at least once per week.  The sweet white fish has always been a family favorite. I remember Grandma Felicia teaching my mother and aunts how to make her delicious chowder with fresh fish, from Captain Joe & Son’s, in her downstairs kitchen. Today her recipe is still prepared and served for lunch with hot Italian bread, and for dinner as a side dish accompanying baked or fried haddock.  Either way…it was and still is…always delicious!

Fish Chowder


1 stick salted butter

2 large sweet onion; thinly sliced

4 russet potatoes; peeled and cut into 1 inch pieces

1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper

2 1/2 cups water

2 12 oz. cans evaporated milk

1 cup half & half

3 large haddock filet


1 combine butter, onion, potato, salt and pepper in 6 qt sauce pan; place saucepan over high heat; melt butter and sauté onion potato mixture 5 minutes; stirring often



2 add water; stir; bring to rolling boil; boil 4 minutes



3 add evaporated milk and half & half; stir



4 cut haddock filet into large pieces



5 add haddock to sauce pan; stir; cook 5-7 minutes or until fish is white in color and not translucent


6 ladle into serving bowl; serve with oyster crackers


Note~ approximately serves, 4 as meal or serves 6 as side dish


Origami goldfish

Another bit of fishy origami, on my last day of vacation away from Gloucester…

This little goldfish is not as complicated as the horseshoe crab, but just as delightful to me.  It is designed by the same artist – Robert Lang – and is found in the same book as well, “Sea Creatures in Origami“, a collaboration between Robert Lang and John Montroll (another of my favorite origami designers).

Matthew Green


Origami Fish from Out of State

The other day I got an envelope in the mail from someone in Pennsylvania named Ali Thome, who read my blog posts about the origami Christmas/Fishmas tree, and decided to chip in!

Thanks for the beautiful origami, Ali!

She draws caricatures for a living. Check out her blog!

Fr. Matthew Green


Fishmas tree progress report

Fishmas treeMary Ann and David are getting the fish onto the tree!  Today I received a whole school of more than 200 wonderful origami fish folded by the students of St. Ann School (huge thanks to Gemma Amero Flavin, their art teacher!). I don’t have an exact total count yet, but with these new additions and those folded throughout the week, we probably have close to 700!  Keep folding fish to help us reach our goal of 1000!

I’ll be folding a star for the top sometime in the next few days.

Fr. Matthew Green

Fish Folding, and Candles in St. Sulpice in Paris

Hope to see you today for fish folding at The Hive! (Buoy painting is going on at Art Haven, so we’re keeping the paper and the paint separate.)  The origami tree is practically ready! David, Mary Ann, and I added more layers last night to get it to a good height. We’d go further but we ran out of the right kind of paper…


So, now it’s fish time! Although we’re recommending the “twist fish” by Gay Merrill Gross because it’s quick and easy, any origami fish folded from one uncut piece of paper will be accepted.

I am working little by little through my photos from vacation in France… This one is appropriate for today, Dec. 8, on which Catholics celebrate a Marian feast day, the Immaculate Conception.

A beautiful church!

Fr. Matthew Green

Blue Runner Jack????? Who knew? I never see these come across my dock.

Rich Simmers submits-


These fish arrived in schools yesterday in the inner harbor…


Similar to not as flat or deep bodied as the American butterfish … much beefier too

American Butterfish


Blue Runner


Notice the distinctive pectoral fin and the vertical bands of the BRJ

Wiki says they’re common to these waters – who knew?!

Joey comments-

I’ve never seen them come across my dock I guessed that it was a butterfish but Rich says it’s much thicker.  Interesting.

I asked Pete Mondello about them and he says that they game fish from down south and have been around all summer.  They are up here because of the abnormally warm water we had this spring and will not make it back down south and will die because the water will get cold too fast. 


Besides GMG the one blog I have to check out on Friday is Skip Montello et. al. at the North Coast Angler website. As we work into the summer doldrums of striped bass and bluefish a good read is the North Coast Angler Friday fish report. Social Media is covered well here because right near the top you can click on Twitter @captskipnca and Facebook @North Coast Angler for up to the minute advice on how to keep your line wet and tight.

Click the fish. Hmm, come on, I want a new report. Any minute now.

Fish Is A Fighting Food Poster From The US Office Of War Information 1945

Ann Kennedy submits-

Hi Joey.  I came across this cool poster online while doing some research for my blog.  Meat was scarce in NE in ’45 and as you know, the promotion of fish was widespread.  The poster was originally printed by the US Office of War Information.  (If you want to post the poster, no need to include my comment unless relevant.  The poster is available at www.artnectar.com.)  I just think it’s a great image.


I know Joe Testaverde knows a little something about those take out baskets.  I’d like to have a nickel for every one I ever dumped on the culling table at the dock.  They had a long long life on the waterfront.  We also used the ones with the same types of frame but with net which would allow the ice to drop through.  Joe Testaverde, did they sell them with that canvas or with the net or once that duck canvas material wore away did they mend in the netting around the frame to keep use of them?  I can’t remember if they were sold with the net or if they were just repaired that way. I can’t be that old can I?

Whiting, cod, haddock, pollock they all got offloaded the same way.  They have a guy using that double pulley though and lifting it by hand.  In my day at least we got to use the winch.

There’s something fishy about this snow storm…

Being in March, these fish don’t seem to think the snow will last long.

They've been out of water so long, they'll take anything they can get...

It looks like they’re lifting up their heads to drink in all the snow they can, while it lasts.

From the lovely fountain in front of the Sawyer Library on Dale Ave.

2011 Fish and Fisheries Public Seminar Series

Emily Chandler Writes-

Hello Joey,
I am the program manager for the Large Pelagics Research Center.  We are a scientific research group that recently moved from the University of New Hampshire to Gloucester and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. We conduct biological and ecological research on pelagic species including tunas, sharks, billfish, and sea turtles and our director, Dr. Molly Lutcavage, has been working with the local Gloucester fishing fleet on bluefin tuna research since 1993. We are now located in Gloucester, MA and, as part of the Marine Fisheries Institute, are working to revitalize the UMass Marine Station at Hodgkins Cove.
We are co-hosting a public seminar series with the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center on Thursday evenings from March 31st through May 5th.  Talks will be on a variety of fish topics ranging from bluefin tuna to great white sharks.


Brianmoc Video of Porter B Fighting a 42 inch Striper

Brian Moc Writes-

Porter B with yet one more big striped bass in 2010! this little fish was 42 inches & its was his 8th ish in two weeks! Also this guy Catch & Releases! Caught on a raindow Gibbs 1oz pencil popper . Word on the street is his last year fishing because he is getting married to his super hot high school sweetie in 2011!

Brian Moc has a great series of saltwater fishing videos from Cape Ann

You can check out his Youtube channel here

Nice Fish!

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