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Gloucester MA Fish Landings August 20, 1917- Over 5 Million Pounds. Aug 21, 2012 Gloucester MA 97,300 Pounds. Less Than 2% of the landings in 1917 were landed in 2012

Less Than 2% of groundfish landings in 1917 were landed in 2012 on the same day yet we have a call for more subsidized on the taxpayers back commercial dockage while there’s another $100 Million Dollar buyout of Gloucester Commercial Fishing Boats and a DPA that strangles any reasonable investment in our waterfront unless you are so deep pocketed that you can fight the obstructionists who still think it’s 1917 every step of their way through the permitting process. 


August 21, 2012 97,300 lbs of groundfish

Fish landings

Gloucester Daily Times

Cape Ann Seafood Exchange

The Cape Ann Seafood Exchange handled 38,200 pounds of fish Monday. No report was received Tuesday.

Top species landed and average prices Monday were: Small dabs: 7,200 pounds ($1.37) Large hake: 5,900 pounds ($1.92) Large pollock: 4,100 pounds (96 cents)

Small and medium pollock: 3,800 pounds (95 cents) Medium dabs: 2,600 pounds ($1.52)

Other landings

The Buyers And Sellers Exchange (BASE), an electronic auctioning company that sells landings at owner Whaling City Seafood Display Auction in New Bedford, Boston’s Whaling City Auction, and Gloucester’s Whaling City Auction,handled 59,100 pounds of fish and 108,700 pounds of scallops Monday.

August 20, 1917 –Over 5,000,000 lbs of groundfish landed in Gloucester

from www.downtosea.com

"The Board", August 20, 1917

Check out www.downtosea.com it’s an excellent site with historical photos and stories about Gloucester Fishermen.

97,300 vs over 5,000,000