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Causeway Fish Chowder

To call a bowl of Causeway Fish Chowder simply a bowl of fish chowder is leaving out the fact that the amount of fish in the Causeway’s Fish Chowder is the amount of fish that you would normally find in three bowls of fish chowder at most other joints.

You might think that allowing such a generous portion of fish that they use some inferior product  but after handling millions of pounds of fish in my lifetime I can assure you I know fish and the fish used in this chowder is as fresh as you can get.

I don’t get over to the Causeway for three seasons of the year because we are just too busy here at the dock and it’s on the other side of town.  The place is generally mobbed with people who travel from all over the northeast who have read the rave reviews on websites like yelp and trip advisor so this is the perfect time to go there when the touristas aren’t out in full force and you can get a table.

insider tip- skip lunch and go around 3 in the afternoon.


Causeway Never Disappoints

I can always count on Causeway for a consistently delicious meal. It’s a great go to place for family visiting from out of town. The seafood selection is great, portions are large, and the staff always friendly.  Well worth the wait! Perfect for a rainy day like today.
We started with the amazing clam chowder (the fish chowder is great too!) and shared the mussels appetizer, by the time our entrees arrived we were stuffed and came home with a lot of leftovers. Yay, no cooking for the rest of the week!

Here’s a shot of my leftover linguine with white clam sauce, it looks almost untouched! Check out all those clams!

Causeway also has a Facebook page where you can follow their specials… http://www.facebook.com/CausewayRestaurant?sk=wall