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Chickity Check It! Deb Clarke’s Work At The Cape Ann Museum

Deb Clarke is a fabulously gifted artist who works with glass.  She is one of the Bananarettes from the early days and also updates her work on her blog Another Magpie’s Nest.  Check out here blog here

click the pic to see her visually stunning work full sized-

click the pic for the full sized version

Menage Gallery Striper

I took these two carved wooden stripers home from the Menage Gallery to see if they would work in the house.  The Mrs loves them and actually found about 4 or five different spots that she wanted to place them.  I say that’s a little overkill so we may settle on just getting two.  One for the kitchen and one for the deck.  Pictured is “Goody” who was working yesterday when I picked these two up.  Video at 2PM

Menage Gallery Striper, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Fish Art At Elliott’s

Snoop Maddie Mad really liked the carved fish art in Elliott’s at The Blackburn.  So much so that as soon as her feet hit the floor she would take off to the little side room where they were displayed.

Fishing Art At Elliott’s, originally uploaded by captjoe06.