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Washed up Finback Whale Being Disassembled!

The finback whale that has traveled the currents of the Boston and the North Shore to rest, post-Superstorm Sandy, on Cape Hedge beach, was taken apart by a team of hearty souls armed with butcher knives and a whetstone this … Continue reading

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More Dead Finback Whale Photos From Halloween (Last Day Before Removal)

kim diebboll forwards- hi joey, here’s a few photos of the whale now that he’s resting on cape hedge beach. he’s looking rather sad and pretty beat up.  the guts  which i saw over by pebble beach yesterday, were cleaned … Continue reading

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So You’ve Lived Your Whole Life Til Now Not Knowing What A Dead Finback Whale’s Guts Look Like

hi joey, thanks so much for your great blog. i always enjoy reading it. i went for my morning walk today to see what happened after sandy hit last night. i smelled something foul and came across parts of the … Continue reading

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The Rockport Finback Whale is Gone!

The Finback whale, formely known as the Rockport Whale, aka Finny, aka Stinky, is no more. Or at least he isn’t the Rockport Whale anymore. As of 11:35 PM last night Finny started heading out and was well clear of … Continue reading

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One Last Whale Tale

If you click on the photo to embiggen then click one more time you can see that Rubber Duck is perched on the whale. She is sitting in the same spot as the previous photo.

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About 85 Rubber Ducks long: NSFL (this post may not be safe for viewing while eating lunch.)

The Finback is about 85 Rubber Ducks long. Homie and half a dozen of his pals were working on this piece. Maybe some jaw with baleen attached.Only a guess that there might be 5 or 6 tons of whale. In … Continue reading

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A Rubber Duck Unit of Length

Unit of Measure: A Standard Rubber Duck. Length including duck bill: 6 inches (15 centimeters) Height: 5 inches (12 centimeters) Width: 3 inches (6 centimeters) In the afternoon I will be posting photos of the Rubber Duck sitting  on a … Continue reading

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