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Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team Field Trip Tonight!

Rick Roth writes:

We had a nice field trip on Saturday to Agassiz Rock for Ramona Latham and The Trustees of Reservations.  Found wood frog eggs and spotted salamander spermatophores in the pool, plus an assortment of invertabrates.  Nice crowd, beautiful weather.  Thanks to Ramona, Colleen Anderson, Anna DiPerna and Martin Basch.

If we can believe the weather forecast for tomorrow it should be some good migration action and lots of frog choruses.

Monday  April 20, 2015   9pm
Meet at Walgreen’s parking lot.  Look for White Lightning, my big white van.  Wear your rain gear and bring a flashlight.

See you there,  Rick


Looking For A New Place to Visit?

If you’re like me, and you have young children or grandchildren, you’ve probably exhausted most short day trip venues.  Don’t get me wrong, there are so many tremendous places to visit around this area and I feel incredibly fortunate to have such fun, educational, and diverse opportunities for summer fun at our doorstep! We certainly have our favorite stomping grounds that never get old, and that we’ll visit time and time again, but every once in a while, we plain ole want something new.  I feel compelled to add that the boys have also had plenty of down-time by just hitting the beach, riding bikes, and playing in the yard….but, we like to throw a day trip into the mix once a week.

With a seek and conquer attitude, we hit the road on Monday morning, determined to visit someplace we’ve never been.

Destination:  Kimball Farm, Westford.

Just a mere few minutes over an hour away….and loads of fun.  Oh, and clean! Our choice was a big success!

Kimball Farm has a bit of everything.  Bumper Boats, mini golf, a driving range, Pitch and Putt golf, an indoor arcade, batting cages, a small animal experience highlighting some rescued and orphaned animals, a seafood shack, and, of course, ice cream!

I chose Monday because I had to head “up the line” to Danvers for an errand anyway…so, it was really only a 40 minute drive.  Once there, we spent about 3 hours having outdoor fun.  We could have easily stayed longer, but we love the driving range and batting cages at Richardson’s Dairy so we skipped those options and focused our fun elsewhere…promising them another trip to Richardson’s soon.

The Bumper Boats were the obvious winner for the boys.  I gave the win to the fact that the place was well-cared for, clean, and nicely landscaped and decorated.  A big family win all around!  Check it out for sure if you don’t mind a short drive!

Kimball Farm


Fitz Henry Lane Eighth Grade Field Trip

O’Maley Takes Advantage of Local Gems to Enhance Learning in the Classroom

museum shot

On October 12th, Lighthouse students participated in a Gloucester field trip to enhance their work with the interdisciplinary theme of perspective. After having done work with a biography of Fitz Henry Lane, students traveled to the Cape Ann Museum to hear a presentation on his life. Following the presentation, students were able to walk around the museum and observe/analyze the large collection of Fitz Henry Lane
 sketching at lane site 1
The museum visit enhanced their understandings of the following essential questions:  1. How does landscape affect who we are and how we see the world? 2. How does understanding deepen when we consider a subject from the opposite view? 3. How are the five themes of geography evident in Gloucester’s landscape? 4. How can museums become classrooms? 5. How does art “speak” without words?

sketching at lane site 2
After their museum visit, students proceeded to the Lane house on Harbor Loop. Here, students listened to a monologue by O’Maley teacher, Jay DiPrima. His theatrical speech as Fitz Henry Lane kicked off their work at their first site. Students surrounded the Lane house and sketched landscapes considering perspective and the way the five themes of geography affect landscape.

Jordan Govani limited view sketch in process

          Jordan Govani sketches inner harbor

    Students also sketched views from Rocky Neck and from the boulevard. Lunch at the Gloucester House ended a successful trip.

Grade Six Harbor Walk Field Trip

Christine Leveille submits-

On October 3rd and 5th the sixth graders from O’Maley Innovation School explored the Gloucester Harbor Walk.  Using our essential question  "HOW IS CHANGE OVER TIME OBSERVED AND MEASURED’ to guide our discussion and exploration,  students completed a scavenger hunt at each of 36 posts found throughout Harbor walk.  We documented our exploration through writing, video and photos.  Students will use the knowledge gained through this experience throughout the year in our project based learning curriculum.