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LIVE FROM FENWAY SOUTH: Twins @Sox – #gloucesterma, #fenwaysouth, #theherd

Game Time folks! And guess who wants my autograph first??
Colin Cowherd!

Then he has a moment. ( Most do when they finally meet me)

Hate the shirt, not the season.

Oh, and my sponsor and favorite Sox Fan, JOANY!!!

What a park!!

The retired folks waiting room to heaven.

Stay tuned for game time updates all week!!
#craigshoots to follow!

Samantha and Tony Goddess Represent! Before Rocking Fenway- SWEEEET!

Hey Joey,
As requested, Tony and I made the rounds of Fenway before the Jenny Dee set with GMG in full effect.  We got some great ones from before the show and before sound check, and a couple from on the floor during the Geils set (look at him preening in the JumboTron in the background!).  The show really went off without a hitch, and we had a hell of a time!
Chickity Check It!
Thanks for everything!  More pictures from the actual set/performance to come (when we get ’em)!
Samantha & Tony
Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents






Don’t forget us little people now that you guys have gone big time!

Tony Goddess From Jenny Dee and The Delinquents Writes In Before Ginormous Fenway Gig Opening For Aeromith and J Geils Band

Go see them play free tonight before they BLOW UP HUGE!

They will be rocking Harbor Loop as part of the Thursday Night Harbor Loop Concert Series tonight Thursday!

Hey Joey,
Glad I ran into you yesterday.  So what should we do?
— I gotta get a GMG sticker in case Sam and I can snap a pic from the stage in front of the fans.  Or maybe just backstage with Wolf!
–We’ll be at Harbor Loop today so any coverage would be great.  We’re gonna run our Fenway set at the top of our second set tonight.
–I’ll be around on Friday in case you want to hook up before the show on Sat. We’re gigging a festival in Bethlehem, PA on Sunday and driving back Monday.  Will be around Tuesday if you want to do some kind of wrap up or maybe I’ll have a souvenir or something.
I think that’s it.  Next local gig on the books is the Rhumbline Oct. 9th though there’s a chance of Celebrate Gloucester over Labor Day weekend.
Here’s a link to the first announcement of our potential Fenway slot in the Globe and well, the rest is history…..


Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents: “Big Ol’ Heart”

Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents with La La Brooks: “Da Doo Ron Ron”

Hope you enjoy, and maybe we’ll see you tonight!

Samantha Goddess

Signs of Spring Part II

Wearing shorts and sandals at work and keeping an eye out for the Safety Officer. (Open toed is a no no.) On the drive in went down Yawkey Way and snapped a pic:

Fun Fact: Yawkey Way was Jersey Street back when Tiant and Bill Lee were pitching for the Sox.

On Easter Sunday night there will be baseball played in Fenway Park. The Yankees have reloaded after dumping Matsui and Damon in the trash.

I accidentally got an awesome seat in 2004. Doesn’t this get you all tingly?

Another sign of summer to come, The Rudder opens on Thursday April 15. Are you going to shoe horn yourself in there on the 15th? Because of flooding Tax Day for us has moved to May 11. Is that true? I’ll take it.