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Nichole’s Picks of the Weekend 2/7 and 2/8

There is NO denying it….the snow is here…and it is here for quite a while or so it would seem.

So, don’t forget that the New England Sports Park is now open for excellent tubing.  Also, while the lure of hitting the bigger mountains up north is totally tempting and definitely worth it, we have some pretty sweet slopes that make for easy day trips or even simple half day trips near by.


In addition to it still being all about the snow…it is also all about the chocolate this weekend!

Pick #1: Chocolate or Bust!  In both Gloucester and Salem.  

Donna already mentioned that the Gloucester Chocolate Tour is taking place on Sunday from 12pm-5pm!   Read her post here!


Another pretty sweet event is  Salem’s So Sweet

Salem’s So Sweet Chocolate and Ice 2015 Festival – Feb. 6 through Feb. 15, 2015!


Check out a map and see more information here!

Pick #2

I mentioned Patriot Place two weeks ago as a great place to go to get in the Super Bowl mood.  Well, now that the Patriots have won the big dance, there’s even more reason to go! For the next several days you can have the opportunity to have your photo taken with the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The New England Patriots are Super Bowl champions for the fourth time in 14 years and for this weekend only, The Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon is offering fans an opportunity to take their photo beside the Vince Lombardi trophy with admission to The Hall. Guests who bring their own cameras will be able to pose beside the trophy for a photo in The Grand Hall. The trophy will be available at The Hall from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 6; 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 7; and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday Feb. 8. In anticipation of lines, The Hall will provide hot chocolate to guests awaiting entry.

Pick #3

This may be cheating because it isn’t actually a weekend pick.  Sadly, just like the Patriots Duck Boat Parade, Truck Day at Fenway happens on a school day.  If you’re able to sneak out, however, it is a nice way to cheer on the Sox as Spring Training gets underway.

This year Truck Day falls on February 12th!  The Truck  even has its own Twitter account. You can follow it here.

So if you want to send the Sox off at Fenway Park, mark your calendars for Thursday, February 12. That’s the day the equipment truck will make its 1,500 mile trek down to Florida — better known as “Truck Day.”

Here’s a video from last year’s big send off



Trick or Treat at Fenway Park!

Well, it ain’t no Rolling Rally Parade, but I’ll take it.

On exactly October 30th, 2004 and October 30th, 2007 I was inside Fenway Park boarding a Duck Boat with the Red Sox ownership to ride in the Rolling Rally World Series Parades. Two of my craziest days ever.

So, while that  won’t be happening this October 30th….at least something fun will be!

The Red Sox have been finding more and more ways to keep Fenway Park fan friendly and to open its gates in lots of new and exciting ways.  Picnics in the Park, chances to run the bases, Frozen Fenway, ice skating open to the public, the Monster Sled sledding course, concerts…and much, much more!

This year they are also hosting Trick or Treating on the warming track and a viewing of Ghost Busters on the big screen.  All for free!  While you don’t have to buy tickets….you do need to reserve them.

To Read More Click Here

Claim Your Free Tickets Here


Amongst Friends

I’m so sad that our own Joey C. must have snuck off to the bathroom just before I snapped this pic.   He was commiserating with these fellow Jeter fans about the end of an era, but needed to excuse himself to get composed after some tears were shed.

On another note, Tasty Burgers are indeed T.A.S.T.Y.   I had the Gorgonzola Burger (fantastic) and a super yummy Whale’s Tale from Nantucket’s own Cisco Brewery.  Ok….maybe 2 Whale’s Tales.

So, baseball is over for another 188 days….or a mere 142 if you start counting back from when pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training…and Jeter is gone. BUT…Tasty Burger is still there, and if you haven’t been there for some indulgent grub, you’re missing out a bit.

Tasty Burger

Image Image (1) Image 1 Image 2

A Respite to the Rivalry

It was quite possibly one of the strangest last days of Red Sox baseball I’ve ever witnessed.  It was indeed a pleasure to bear witness to Derek Jeter’s last game of major league baseball today within the walls of Fenway Park.  The ball park was teaming with #2 Yankees shirts, pin stripes, and New York fans.  It was almost difficult to remember that we were actually there to wrap up a Boston season and wish them well as we begin to dream of a better 2015.

In true Red Sox fashion, the organization planned an impressive send off to the beloved Yankees #2 and it is one of “those” days that will be written down in the well read history books that make the Red Sox, well, the Red Sox.


I’m feeling a little down and out as the 2014 Red Sox season comes to an all-too-early-end this coming weekend.  I find myself reminiscing back to Opening Day and the giddiness that comes with new possibilities, green grass, crisp white uniforms, cold beer, Sweet Caroline, the boys of summer, and magical nights inside the hallowed grounds of the one and only Fenway Park.

Opening Days, especially those that involve a ring ceremony, always give me the chills.  I can’t get enough of the sound of the crowd, the vivid colors that blend together to paint a portrait like none other, and the goosebumps. I’ve been fortunate to breathe in the awesomeness of Opening Days from the field.  To look up and around….to pan the crowd…and see it in almost slow motion.   It may come as no surprise that I may possibly be the world’s biggest sap, but Opening Day gets to me in a way that I have trouble putting into words.  So, it isn’t supposed to end this way. The years with no post season play feel like a year without Christmas, July 4th, beach days, and grapefruit beer.  The horror.

For me, it isn’t just the baseball.  The post season is about the camaraderie that is palpable while ordering your morning coffee after a late night win, while coexisting with strangers during mundane errands prior to rushing home for the first pitch, or while cheering on the Sox at a local bar.  Never mind the 9 inning marriage of 37,400 fans cheering on the team inside the park!  It is impossible to not feel like all of Red Sox Nation are immediate best friends come late September and October….if, that is, we’ve made it.  Which, of course, we haven’t.

With no wild card run, American League Divisional Series, American League Championship Series….and, sigh, no World Series….I’m feeling like I’ve just arrived to a luxurious beach vacation and the weather forecast is calling for 7 straight days of torrential rain.  And that, my friends, may be an understatement.

Sure, we’ll fill these fall days with plenty of fun…but, something will be missing for sure.

















What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday we were hanging out with my favorite wolf at Wolf Hollow in Essex freezing our asses off.


And today on Lansdowne Street outside Fenway Park I can almost say in the past hour it has gotten downright hot. Hope the Red Sox stay hot like this Italian Sausage Rubber Duck and I are having. Not an Ambie but it is the locale that gives it the zing.


ps. Did anyone catch the moon right before sunrise this morning? The smallest waxing crescent I have seen in a while. If it is crystal clear tomorrow it should be even smaller, (yuck clouds predicted.) New moon on the 10th.

Fenway Park

Fenway Park is one of my favorite places.  Was at a client on Comm Avenue in Boston Wednesday.  Being so close to Fenway decided to take a walk over there and took a couple of pictures.  One of Ted Williams and Child and the Teammates.  Here is a little history of the two statues.

An 8-foot, 6-inch-tall statue of Williams mounted on a four-foot granite base was unveiled outside Gate B of Fenway, located behind the right-field line. The structure, which weighs 3,380 pounds, depicts Williams holding a bat over his left shoulder while he places his cap on the bald head of a cancer-stricken child.  Ted Williams hit .406 and the last Major Leaguer to do so.  Ted Williams, Johnny Pesky, Bobby Doerr and Dom DiMaggio are the four team mates.  These statues are located outside Gate B at the intersection of Ipswich and Van Ness Street.

Team Mates

Team Mates

march 20, 2013 Ted Williams and Child

What a difference a year makes.

What a difference a year makes. Last year Fenway was full of snow but Sox were preseason favorites to win the World Series. This year it is sunny almost 70F and they are picked to inhabit the basement of the American League East.

I’ll take the this year, hands down. (This is me trying to pass as an official construction worker boss man so they would let me into the park. I got thrown out about five minutes later. Once I pulled Rubber Duck out of my pocket it was game over.)

The Morning After

Turn that damn light off! Can’t a girl get some beauty sleep?

Put the notebook away and do something useful like fill my coffee cup.

OK, Chapter one, paragraph one, it was a dark and stormy night, I would call it weather only a rubber duck could enjoy and I was enjoying the night out but it took over seven hours of watered down Fenway suds before the Red Sox lost then the free drinks started stacking in front of me and I learned how to drink boilermakers out of a straw then a shot rang out as shots are wont to do and everyone hit the floor sounding like a bag of seedless watermelons thrown off a Dorchester Triple Decker since I think we landed up downstairs at Down Under and they hadn’t mopped up yet and the wet splat of large garden fruit was the last thing I remember before I woke up rubber side up in your lobster tank and I never ever want to hear someone cackle “bottoms up” again and no, you cannot see my new tattoo.

Got all of that? Got any leads on Homie? And not any Homie, my Homie. I heard of your idea of tying some fresh herring around my neck and tossing me in the harbor which I think totally sucks. What kind of girl do you take me for? OK, scratch that. Oh, my achin’ beak – any good Cinco de Mayo parties tonight – hair of the Rubber Dog and all – who made this coffee – hit me again –  thanks bro.

GMG at Fenway!

I was driving in past Fenway Park this morning and as I moseyed down Lansdowne Street something strange was happening. The sky seemed to be flashing yellow, then magenta, then the next moment it would be pure Red Sox red. They were testing out the new super mega screen. I’ve posted earlier how this pure black monolith sucked the light out of the sky above Fenway like that one in the movie “2001 a Space Odyssey”.

I immediately got on my cell to my pal who sells tickets in Fenway and asked her what they were doing and she explained that they could now put anything up on the screen. So I gave her the internet address and a moment later,

Click on the screen to see what I saw next …

If you do not say “wow” the first time you enter the park this season you really ought to check your pulse.

Fenway Park getting ready for the Yankees on Friday April 8th

The new Center Field scoreboard is the most obvious new feature to Fenway Park. This morning they lowered the last black panel of screen into place. It’s hard to see what it is made of because it is so black it sucks the light out of your eyeballs.

This thing is massive. 100 feet wide and 38 feet high. 65 brazillion high intensity LED lights imbedded and IBM Watson will be used to run the HD video on this screen.

OK, I don’t know how many lights and the computer will be slightly smaller than Watson.  Now to figure out how to get tickets for Opening Day.

Fenway Park: Wally a [not a] No Show

[Breaking News Edit] Wally is not a no show. I just don’t know how to read. Wally is scheduled for the truck sendoff next Tuesday Feb 8. I will be there to interview the green thing then. I’ll leave the rest of the story as is.

Wally the Green Monster was supposed to wave the Red Sox truck off at noon today for its trip to Florida to signal the start of preparation for Spring training.  But crack meteorologist Dylan Dryer (seen here) updated the Channel 7 weather forecast:

A magnified view shows Fenway Park currently buried under the
“ga” of “Shit Load Again.” Wally decided to kick back at the Cask and Flagon to down a few Irish Coffees while your GMG Cub reporter flashed his Press Pass to the guard and made his way into Fenway Park:

As you can see, even if the green one had risked freezing his kibbles and bits there would be no way that Wally would have seen his shadow. That means that in twelve days the Red Sox pitchers and catchers report.

A last shot of Fenway. In a very short time Carl Crawford will be in this left field to ensure that no opponent hits will reach the turf while on the other side of the inning he sprays homeruns to all fields.

Warms me right up just thinking of it. Adrian Gonzalez at first. Youk at third, Pedroia at second , and since it is an odd year a scorching year for Beckett.

Fenway: January 7, 2011

On Monday they finished ripping down the old centerfield  Monster Screen and scoreboard. Didn’t seem all that long ago it was brand new but it sure was all rusty and rotten coming down. Then they put up a weird set of poles in the right field and I thought they were going to put up the Monstah Screen over there but no.

Today they finished putting up two huge vertical beams which obviously are going to hold the biggest LCD playback screen in New England front and center in centerfield.

The crane lowering the second vertical tower in place is parked on Lansdowne. These things are huge! I have no idea what the right field seven towers are going to be. A menorah? Flags for the seven World Series we win in this century?

Meanwhile, with all that spare time between Patriot’s playoff games check out the Red Sox Depth Chart. Warms the heart on these cold winter days. Carl Crawford in left and Adrian Gonzalez at first. Deep depth on that field.

Heather Atwood On Fenway, Ron and Nookie and The Lobster Roll Battle Royal

The H Bomb went to Fenway where the boys issued a challenge to GMG- Read about how it all went down in her blog here (click the pic to be magically transported to Heather’s blog)-

Fenway Park, the boys, the All-Star lobster rolls, the challenge, a transformation


Off Island: Fenway Park and Sausage King

To prove I’m not pulling a fast one:

That was an hour ago. But first I had to grab a Italian Sausage from Sausage King on Lansdowne:

Around the corner first big red umbrella on the right:

Yes, I’ll have that one 8 bucks.

After eating that and a short nap I can now miss my 2 PM post time by just ten minutes. (No I did not have tickets.) Back to the lab for me. My regular scalpers were up to 100 bucks for good seats. Too rich for my blood. Did everyone see Dice K pitch last night? Wicked Ahsome!

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