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What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday we were hanging out with my favorite wolf at Wolf Hollow in Essex freezing our asses off. And today on Lansdowne Street outside Fenway Park I can almost say in the past hour it has gotten downright hot. Hope … Continue reading

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Fenway Park

Fenway Park is one of my favorite places.  Was at a client on Comm Avenue in Boston Wednesday.  Being so close to Fenway decided to take a walk over there and took a couple of pictures.  One of Ted Williams and Child … Continue reading

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Ted, Bobby, Johnny, Dom.

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What a terrific way to spend a glorious day

Fenway Park Open House..  so exciting to be so close to sacred ground  great time.. very emotional as well..  Donna http://www.flickr.com//photos/coastalliving/sets/72157629491047704/show/

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Breaking: F-16 flyover of Fenway Today

I think there might be a game today. This is from the roof of my lab. I can see the top of the big screen so it’s easy to see Varitek and Wakefield walk out from under the big flag … Continue reading

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What a difference a year makes.

What a difference a year makes. Last year Fenway was full of snow but Sox were preseason favorites to win the World Series. This year it is sunny almost 70F and they are picked to inhabit the basement of the … Continue reading

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Ted, say it ain’t so!

Theo is going to the Cubs today? Screw that, I’m taking my duck back to the island.

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The Morning After

Turn that damn light off! Can’t a girl get some beauty sleep? Put the notebook away and do something useful like fill my coffee cup. OK, Chapter one, paragraph one, it was a dark and stormy night, I would call … Continue reading

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GMG at Fenway!

I was driving in past Fenway Park this morning and as I moseyed down Lansdowne Street something strange was happening. The sky seemed to be flashing yellow, then magenta, then the next moment it would be pure Red Sox red. … Continue reading

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Fenway Park getting ready for the Yankees on Friday April 8th

The new Center Field scoreboard is the most obvious new feature to Fenway Park. This morning they lowered the last black panel of screen into place. It’s hard to see what it is made of because it is so black … Continue reading

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Fenway Park: Wally a [not a] No Show

[Breaking News Edit] Wally is not a no show. I just don’t know how to read. Wally is scheduled for the truck sendoff next Tuesday Feb 8. I will be there to interview the green thing then. I’ll leave the … Continue reading

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Fenway: January 7, 2011

On Monday they finished ripping down the old centerfield  Monster Screen and scoreboard. Didn’t seem all that long ago it was brand new but it sure was all rusty and rotten coming down. Then they put up a weird set … Continue reading

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Heather Atwood On Fenway, Ron and Nookie and The Lobster Roll Battle Royal

The H Bomb went to Fenway where the boys issued a challenge to GMG- Read about how it all went down in her blog here (click the pic to be magically transported to Heather’s blog)- Fenway Park, the boys, the … Continue reading

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Off Island: Fenway Park and Sausage King

To prove I’m not pulling a fast one: That was an hour ago. But first I had to grab a Italian Sausage from Sausage King on Lansdowne: Around the corner first big red umbrella on the right: Yes, I’ll have … Continue reading

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GMG Represents At Fenway submitted to the GMG Flickr Group pool By padraiginineill’s

  DSC_4451, originally uploaded by padraiginineill.  

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GMG- Da Sticka Represents At Fenway!!!!

padraiginineill’s submits these photos to the GMG Flickr Group!  While painting Fenway a few perfectly placed Homie stickers make it just right IMO!  Thanks for the contribution!  We still have stickers left if you are going to be somewhere cool … Continue reading

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Fenway Park Made of Legos

  Fenway Park Made of Legos, originally uploaded by captjoe06.  

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