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It is Fall Back Time Sunday

To fall back suggests that one must set the clocks one hour back when DST ends. It is associated with the fall (autumn) season because the DST schedule ends in the fall. The fall season and the end of daylight saving time mark a period when the days start getting shorter, with fewer hours of sunlight.

It is Fall Back Time

The 2012 version of Daylight Savings Time ends this coming weekend, so don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour before going to bed Saturday night, Nov. 3.
Technically, you should set your clocks back one hour Sunday, Nov. 4, at 2 a.m. local daylight time, which will then become 1 a.m. local daylight time.
Not all places in the U.S. observe daylight time. In particular, Hawaii and most of Arizona do not use it.  Also this is a good time to remember to change your smoke and CO batteries.  We do get an extra hour of sleep.