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A Pretty Day with the Fairy Dog Ma

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Here’s Coconut (and a tail of one of her friends) enjoying a walk with their Fairy Dog Ma.  Such lucky dogs!

Another great shot of my salty dog with her pal, Paco, in the background.

If you don’t know already– Jen Nicol, aka the Fairy Dog Ma, is the best dog walker/pet sitter on Cape Ann! She has a big heart and takes excellent care of all her fur clients. We have been using Jen for Coconut’s walks since Coconut was just a pup. She’s someone that I trust fully in my home and with the care of my little baby.

The dogs have a blast and they come home tired and well behaved. She always picks up after them and even uses biodegradable poop bags. Plus, we get great emails with photos and/or videos of their adventures.

If you need a dog walker or pet sitter, check out Jen’s website for more info: www.fairydogma.com






Fun with the Fairy Dog Ma

Jen Nicol aka The Fairy Dog Ma shares with us how much fun the pups are having!
Jen pet sits and walks our furry friends in the Cape Ann area. As Coconut is one of her favorite clients 🙂 I can say she is fabulous! You can check her out at fairydogma.com

Keeper and Oliver practicing for the Greasy Pole?

Clesson and Oliver 


Dog Art

Here’s a video I just received from my dog walker, Jen Nicol aka The Fairy Dog Ma. I love the pictures and videos she sends to show how much fun Coconut has while I’m stuck at work. This video she took on her iPhone and used the Qik VideoCamera application to create the effect.