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Are You Backing Up Your Digital Life? I Just Bought This 2TB External Drive For a Steal.

Here’s the link to this crazy good deal

My last 500GB external drive filled up about a year ago and I was searching for a larger external hard drive to save all those photos, videos and music that you see on the blog but the prices were insane.  The reason was because of the Earthquakes in Japan had knocked all these manufacturing plants offline.  now that they are back operational the costs for safeguarding your data against failure has never been cheaper.

And when you think about those precious photos of your children or grandchildren or those vacations to special places that you took and have saved on your computer how can you not get on it and back up your digital life.  I was naked for the past year without having the past year’s data backed up.  Not any more.

I highly suggest you get one of these external hard drives and set up your computer to automatically back up your essential files.  Think about your baby or grandbaby’s first steps in video.  Can you honestly say that $120.33 is too much to pay to insure that?

Anyway, prices have come down.  Your computer WILL fail eventually. They all do.  Back it up or lose life most precious moments, the choice is up to you.


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