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It’s On!

Bring it, co-workers.  It’s on!

I’m kidding.  Kind of.

Several of my co-workers and I have been challenging, taunting, supporting, pushing, and heckling each other…all in good fun…and for a good cause. Sadly, I don’t mean a good cause such as a charity, but I mean a good cause like our own mind, body, and soul well-being.

Armed with our Fitbits (literally) we’ve been conducting Work Week and Weekend Challenges to see who can clock more steps….hence, burning more calories each day/week.

The Fitbits are tons of fun…even if they count steps that aren’t necessarily exercise oriented.  Honestly thought, for this group of overextended teachers, that’s part of the charm.  While the main goal is to accumulate “active steps” through actual exercise, we all take full advantage of simple things too.  We make trips to the copier at the end of the hall on our own… rather than sending a student. We go to the art room for supplies ourselves…rather than asking a child. We walk to the front office to ask a question…rather than simply calling them on the phone.

More than those little tasks, the friendly challenges have definitely kept me on my game with actual exercise during the past couple of cold weeks too.  I’m fairly competitive, but I don’t force myself to go out for a run after work because I want to win per say, I go because I’m in the challenge and to not step up and play means ignoring the efforts that others are making to participate.  So, I’ve been making time to run for myself, but also to be a productive part of the challenge.

Those of us participating in the challenges are between the ages of 35-45, most are mothers, all are teachers, some actively participate in sports, some don’t, some are morning people, some are night owls, some shorter, some taller, some with big goals for health, some with smaller, all are hoping to simply feel healthier.

It has been funny to watch each other’s progress.  Some get to exercise in the morning and start the daily challenge running (literally again), others are able to fit in some type of work out during the day and might suddenly take the lead, one may be late in the polls and then will soar to the top after playing a late night soccer game in an adult league! I’m lucky to fit in a run in the early evening if a) both boys have hockey and go with my husband or b) neither boy has hockey and my husband is home to watch them. So, we’re all over the place…and that is one of the things that makes it fun.

This evening I was laughing because a co-worker (who happens to be the mom of two young girls) and I were “neck and neck” for a solid couple of hours. During those hours, I was busily folding laundry, changing linens on bunk beds, packing lunches, emptying out hockey bags, etc.  It was safe to assume she was at home gaining steps by doing very similar activities.

The Fitbits do more than track steps and exercise.  They also, if you choose, will track sleep patterns, water intake, calories consumed, calories burned, and exercise routes if out for a run/walk.

So, if you find yourself looking for a simple way to get motivated this winter, get yourself a Fitbit, challenge some friends, find a routine that works for you….and get going in your own little (or big) way!

Check out Fitbits here!

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Get out there!!


OK…If you’re really serious about getting into shape for the Blackburn Challenge, rowing with Damon, or walking from the car to the market for ice cream, check these guys out for role models. Notice there are no bubble butts or flubbery muscles. Gotta start NOW!!! dsc_0133-640x480