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GMG Tattoo One Step Closer To Becoming a Reality

Spoke with Matt Maguire from Compass Rose Tattoo- The Tattoo Parlor That Gets The 100% GMG  Endorsement and Evie, our canvas and they are working on the final design and we are looking at early next week for the installation!

Can’t wait.  We are planning to tape it.  As soon as we get the mock up I’ll post it here and we will keep you updated.

chickity check it- evie’s 366 day sketch project

Hey Joey!
This is Evie from the tea co. I’m doing a sketch a day project for a year (or in this year’s case, 366 days) and at the end will take said sketches, turn them into a postcard book and start my snail mail revolution that I’ve been blabbing about forever. To you I ask, can I put up my sketches on the good morning gloucester blog?
Hope all is well,