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Evan Goodrow rocks the Dave Sag’s Blues Party tonight @ The Rhumb Line 8:30pm 9.8.2016


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Thursday night let’s welcome back Mr. Evan Goodrow to the Rhumb line stage.It’s been a while since Evan has been here as he has been in recovery from a horrifying hair-conking accident. But, rest assured,  he’s doing fine and just slavering to regale you with his high-energy antics. Always takes me a day or two to recover. Dave Moore provides mortar,and I play the trowel.





40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732


Dave Sag’s Blues Party @ The Rhumb Line to host Evan Goodrow Tonight! 8:30pm 11.12.2015


dave sags

Dave Sag
“It’s time again for that clinically proven master of mayhem, Mr. Evan Goodrow. He’s flyin’ in on gossamer wings to drive all you kittens wild with his neatly shaven head and croon salivation. Makes me feel really old! Anyways, it’s always a pleasure to have him around to remind me of…what? Also, a new guy: Mr. Dave Moore, on pistons, will be handling the rhythm duties, so, cheer him on! showtime: 8:30 till 11:30.”

evan dsbp 11.12.2015



40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732


Dave Sag’s Blues Party Tonight with Evan Goodrow 8:30-11:30 The Rhumb Line 2.19.2015

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Dave says,

OK girls, lets get here pronto for the U.F.O. mass hysteria sighting of that age-old teen idol: Mr. Evan Goodrow.  Front man, Qatarist mais non oui, oui,This guy will have you rocking on your crutches with his marvelous renditions of cult classics, nouveau blues, and Transylvanian folk songs. I sure do admire this man’s dogged nerve and rubber determination. E.G. is one of our faves around these parts, and a splendid show is suspected. We’ve hauled in Mr. Benny Benson, Our Irish Ace of Pace®,  afloat since Dunkirk, to handle the the breast-beating. I’ll be on base, hoping for a sacrifice fly. So, put on that Hai-Karate® or Stetson™ and/or wrap dress (or Chinese shoes )and dance the night away while you think about yourself!

evan goodrow




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40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732


Tonight! DAVE SAG’S BLUES PARTY WITH SPECIAL GUEST: Evan Goodrow 8:30 to 11:30pm @ The Rhumb Line. 8.14.2014

dave sag rl 4.3.2014

   We’re opening up the bomb bay this week to allow Mr. Evan Goodrow to  fall on your brain stem. He of the handsome visage and huge pecs is ready and willing to take you to another dimension of sight and sound,where the naiads frolic to the boogie beat. Mr. G is a killer guitarist and vocalist. You must know this by now. He’s bringing along that fabulous Irish Ace of Pace, Mr. Benny Benson to chop some wood. And I, Salmon Dave Sag will be on base dooties. Smelling salts recommended.


Many busy executives ask me: who’s coming soon? So, here’s a rundown of upcoming events: Aug. 21  Ms. Cheryl Arena, harp and vocals, with the all star cast of Pete Henderson, rippin’ guitarist and Forrest “Frosty” Padgett on whips and chainsAug.28: the big one with The Flying Amero Brothers, featuring both J.B. and Fly! Dave Mattacks drums. Come cry in your beer!Sept. 4 Chris “Stovall” Brown with? We’ll be in orbit!

Sept. 11 A new singer! Danielle I didn’t write down her name, But Bob enik insists she’s the greatest. I”ll get back to you! jim Gambino pokes keys and Steevee Chagarris drums.

Sept.18 The Three Stooges, featuring Edd Scheer, Ricky “King” Russell and Mario Perrett

Sept.25 The Tootin’ Torquemada of the Tenor, Mr. Andrew Clark with Mike DiBari on glitar

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40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732

Thursday night blues party at The Rhumb Line to host Evan Goodrow 5.16.2013 ~ 8-11

Thursday – Dave Sag’s Blues Party with Evan Goodrow ~ 8-11

dave sag

 Dave says,

Let’s welcome back Mr. Evan Goodreau! One of the best crowd pleasers  I know, Big E has just returned from the Bronx where he came in first place in the Annual Homie car-stripping contest, making mincemeat out of a brand new BMW in seconds flat. Be careful: he can do it to your brain, too. Evan never fails to get the pot boiling quickly, so come early.
Also, on the skins will be our very own redcoat, Mr. David Mattacks, who needs no introduction, unless you’ve been in a coma.
Thank all of you for your pained inquiries into missing emails: I had some kind of gastro-informational problem which has since cleared up with the regular  applications  of Damnitol®, the speedy world wide cobweb fixer upper. Should all be good, now.
Still on winter hours 8 to 11. Thank you for your continuing support! We would be nothing without you! And watch out for that miserable summer cold/flu thing going around. I got it and couldn’t even drink for a couple of days!

evan g

Photo from > http://www.evangoodrow.com/

Thursday night blues party to host Evan Goodrow with Benny Benson on drums @ The Rhumb Line 8-11

Dave SaginarioDave says,

Forest Lawn Productions is proud to present  Mr. Evan Goodreau, gootarist, and gargly vocalist to our massive stage this week, as the Dave Sag birthday bash draws to a close. Evan is our certain crowd-pleaser and resident chick magnet. His sinewy style is sure to make your wig flip. Dancing is inevitable. As is great wailing and gnashing of dentures.

Evan Goodrowhttp://www.evangoodrow.com/

Backing Mr.G will be our own Irish Ace of Pace, Mr. Benny Benson on the friolators, with myself on the bass. Gonna be a sweaty  night, bring your own Snapjax and Wildroot®.

benny benson headshaft photos

Benny Benson’s   Headshaft photo facebook

And Monday, once again from 1 to 3 at the Rose Baker Senior Center, the mighty Good Old Salty Jazz Band  holds court, playing your favorite songs from the 12th century. You really ought put those Keno cards down and czech this out.

Again, thank you-all for your continued support; we’d be nothing without you. Any friends who want to receive my weakly missive should be corralled my way. I’m always looking for fresh meat. Don’t forget: our new Fred-approved  winter hours are 8 to 11 pm.

Tonight at the Rhumb Line!

From Dave Sag

Live! At the Rhumb Line, this week only, something new and different: “modern” blues. Ha-Ha-Ha. Actually, I would like to introduce you-all to Mr. Evan Goudreau, young lion, glitarist, and big man on the hippocampus these days. He’s been around and plays all over the east coast, singin’ and playin’ his way to electronic stardom. He’s  all over the place on the web; czech him out!
Also joining us for the first time is Andrew Jones, on drummbs. First heard him playing with Mark Earley, so you know he’s gotta be good. Of course, Greg T. will be there with his hat and smokin’ catarrh, and myself, as well. Doo come.