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Eugene Quinn gallery reception

Yesterday, I stopped by the Eugene Quinn gallery again (54 Bearskin Neck, Rockport), for a reception and opening of a new show of paintings, including works by Eugene Quinn himself, Colin McGuire, and Jill Demeri.

Eugene with some of his friends, patrons and paintings

More of Eugene's beautiful paintings

Colin McGuire with some of his work

More of Colin's paintings.

Works by Jill Demeri are also on display

It’s well worth a visit!

Watch as Fashion & Art Come Together

The sculpture-in-progress in the doorway of the gallery

Corina Belle-Isle, the creative force behind Rockport’s July 28th event Barefoot at Rockport: A day long celebration of fashion as art, has put together a whole roster of terrific events: pop-up shops featuring the work of different designers, a fashion show, an art exhibit and arguably best of all: a party to close the day that highlights summer fun in Rockport, with great food from Alchemy Bistro and cocktails created by Matt Rose.

And if having a great time wasn’t motivation enough to buy tickets, know that your purchase helps support Rockport’s two foundational arts institutions, Rockport Art Association and Rockport Music.

There is an aspect of Barefoot at Rockport that is really the symbol of the entire event, bringing art and fashion together in one unique installation. It’s called The Dress Project and is a collaborative work by artists Eugene Quinn and Virginia Fitzgerald, The Dress Project features a dress sculpted by Virginia using some of Eugene’s older canvases as a sort of fabric on the skirt. Eugene will then create a new painting on the bodice of the dress, creating — as described by Virginia — a sort of Phoenix effect: a new painting emerging from his older work. One exciting and interactive aspect of this project is that you can actually watch the dress (or “Claire” as the sculpture has come to be called…) take shape, so to speak, under Eugene’s brush and Virginia’s hands. Stop by Eugene’s gallery at 54 Bearskin Neck to see it in progress and then mark your calendar to see the final work revealed on July 28th itself. It will be shown at the Rockport Art Association from 2 to 4 pm before being auctioned off, with proceeds to benefit the RAA.

Eugene Quinn and Virginia Fitzgerald discussing The Dress Project.

Look for more details about Barefoot at Rockport in the days leading up to July 28th. For tickets and more information call the Shalin Liu Box Office at 978-546-7391 or click on this link to go to Rockport Music’s website.

The Arts Scene in Rockport

Yes, we do have an arts scene.  While we love our artistic heritage (William Lester Stevens, Aldro Hibbard…I could go on and on), many people don’t realize that a vibrant community of artists is based here still.  Now.  In the 21st century.  And to underscore the point that Rockport’s appeal for artists hasn’t waned, our village is playing host to one of Cape Ann’s best for the entire month of December: Eugene Quinn.  His paintings are both timeless and contemporary, featuring subject matter that doesn’t seem entirely locked in any place or time.  A few summers ago in Rocky Neck I bought one of his small studies of Back Beach in Rockport and I often myself taking a moment to stare at it as I go through the mundane tasks of the day (it hangs near our dining room table). Even without being a finished painting, it so completely captures the quality of the early morning light (the sun hitting the clock tower of the Old Sloop Church) that for a minute I am someplace else entirely, pulled away from feeding time and all the mess associated with giving pre-schoolers their breakfast.  This fact alone makes the Eugene Quinn painting I have very near and dear to my heart.  Better than a pharmaceutical.  Now if only artists were compensated as well as drug companies, the world would be a better place.

Detail of a Painting

Don’t miss Eugene Quinn’s “2010 Light and Sea Exhibit” for the month of December, located at the Thistle Fine Art Gallery at 8A Main Street in Rockport.  Open Monday – Saturday from 10 – 6, Sunday 12 – 5.  (Call 617-894-1552 to schedule an appointment or reserve a painting).  The artist himself is available for questions and conversation – always a plus – and he makes his process available as well by providing his studies for browsing (and purchasing) as well as his larger works.  An Exhibit Reception will be held on Saturday, December 11th, from 4-9pm.  Below are a few photos from the exhibit, with apologies for my inability to do the work justice:

Gallery View

Clouds Over Lake. (My favorite - not that this matters)