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Greater Yellowlegs foraging in the marsh.

I have loved this past month’s atmospheric and textured, misty April weather. Do you recall an April as foggy? I don’t. Whenever out and about and a spare moment was mine, I grabbed my camera and had a go at capturing beautiful fog-shrouded Cape Ann.

Piping Plover

Trying out the new teleconverter–note the little tiny figure fishing on the breakwater in the photo on the left, which was shot at 18mm, and then with the 400mm lens plus tele.

Same focal lengths with Ten Pound Island.

And then the sun came out.

Essex – A Front Rolls Through

About 3:45 on Friday, a front rolled through the area providing menacing clouds, incredible spots of sunlight and snow showers in the sky that melted before they hit the ground. Just incredible! Glad to live on Cape Ann and be able to see capture a few scenes like these.  Click the images for larger view

Barns and Boathouses of Conomo Point, Essex

Somehow, lost in the beauty of Essex’s Conomo Point with  views of open water, far away dunes and the Essex River, the boathouses and barns can slip into the background.

Blue Sky Farm Dock- It Doesn’t Suck

Not too many farms can boast this kind of acreage coinciding with a beautiful dock  that’s just a quick boat ride to the back side of Crane’s.

Look for part four of our interview from the dock at Blue Sky Farm at 2PM

Blue Sky Farm Dock, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


View From The Cupola At The Blue Sky Farm In Essex, Ma

Here is the view of the Essex River from the tippity top of the cupola at The Blue Sky Farm in Essex which I’ve been chronicling since the construction began last July.  The pads for the windmill look tiny in the first picture to give you an idea of how high up it is.   Look for the first part of my interview with John Donovan, the man behind Blue Sky Farm at 2:00PM    To see the slide show of the construction from frame to it’s present state click this text.

Essex River 4:40AM 6/8/08

Yesterday morning the colors were magenta as I fumbled to get the camera set up before the clouds and fog shifted. I finally got the lens cap off only to have the camera blink with the dead battery light and shut down. Today was redemption though.

Essex River 4:40AM 6/8/08, originally uploaded by captjoe06.