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Greenbelt Reports Status of Osprey in Essex County Large Bird of Prey Thriving in Recent Years

Volunteer “citizen scientists,” working in support of Essex County Greenbelt’s Osprey Program, monitored Osprey nests in 10 communities and submitted their observations, helping Greenbelt confirm that 26 pairs of Osprey nested across Essex County in 2013, as compared to 18 … Continue reading

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You’re Coming To The North Shore Of Boston? This Is The Guide Book You Need To Buy- The Essex Coastal Byway Guide By Joel Brown

Joel Brown is a freelance writer who writes for the Boston Globe, http://www.hubarts.com and other publications.  His Essex Coastal Byway Guide Is THE GUIDE for anyone coming to visit from out of town but also for locals who want to … Continue reading

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Essex County Busting Breast Cancer Initiative

Hi Joey, Know Breast Cancer, based in Manchester by the Sea is launching our Essex County Busting Breast Cancer Initiative.. to teach area women how to help stop breast cancer before it starts using Vitamin D3,  non hormone birth control … Continue reading

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