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Essex at Dawn- 4:30AM 6/26/09

This is the Essex River and Hog Island, directly across the street from where the Adam Sandler movie “Grown Ups” was being filmed last week.  I went early in the morning and set up the tripod at 4:30 AM to take this dawn picture and to get a feeling for how accessible the set of Woodman’s was going to be.  I didn’t feel like getting tossed from the set like the day before.  So as I saw folks coming and going and I took this picture, I popped my head in to see the crew of people working like mad to put the inside of Woodman’s back together after filming all last week inside the building.

Essex at Dawn- 4:30AM 6/26/09, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Essex At Dawn, Essex Sunsise 4:45AM 6/4/09

Good Morning Folks!
Here’s what’s on tap today-
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Essex At Dawn Pic
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Richard Gaines Interview Part I
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Last Stop Variety Semolina Pizza Pic
Chip Norton
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