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Specials At Espresso Today!

Espresso is FOB Kurt and Dani Lubber’s Favorite Gloucester joint to eat.

Dani gave me crap because she says I don’t give them enough love so here you go!

Speaking with Annette when I just picked up my lunch she told me that Thursday night they are doing a fresh lobster casserole with dessert for $15 which people have been raving about.

Annette Cares For Flower Pots In Front Of Espresso Restaurant Downtown Gloucester

In the past couple years there has been a renaissance Downtown and a big part of that renaissance is because of the pride and effort put forth by the Downtown Merchants and Restaurateurs.  More flower boxes have popped up and you see merchants that have purchased their own benches to put out in front of their stores.  The House of Raven, Cormorant Shop have recently put out new benches.  Dennis Bryant down at The Mosaic Studio has benches in front of his store and other places too.

It’s great to see.

Annette At Espresso Tends Her Flower Pots

Annette At Espresso Tends Her Flower Pots

Espresso Chicken Marsala

Under $8 for this plate of chicken marsala, bread and a side salad.  Great deal.

I have no idea why it had been such a long time since I’d been into Espresso but I can assure you I’ll be getting lunch there a whole lot more.

Espresso Chicken Marsala, originally uploaded by captjoe06.