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Elise Marie Hansen

Dearest Joey,

Please post the following about my beautiful sister and let the Gloucester community know how much our family appreciates the  loving kindness you have shown us during our deep sorrow.  The picture is of Elise at the Bananarama Event at City Hall.




Elise Marie Hansen (age 45) died suddenly in a tragic car accident with her beloved brother Marc Hansen on February 14, 2012 in Oregon. Elise was born on January 20th 1967 to the late Woodrow James Hansen and Sandra Nunes of Gloucester. Her life was marked by her generous spirit, creative genius and abiding commitment to justice, freedom and the potential of each person to blossom, thrive and contribute to their community. One principal that framed much of her adult life is found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 29(1) “Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible.”

Elise is perhaps most known through her work in establishing KONPAY. She was integral to creating the Reforest Haiti program and had deep love for the youth of JADPE, and great determination to help them become strong and empowered. Prior to KONPAY, she worked at the Department of Public Health and at Partners for Health where she was inspired by the work of Paul Farmer, founder of Partners In Health and subject of the Tracy Kidder book Mountains Beyond Mountains. Locally, she was known to many for her work on Main Street at the Bookstore and at Bananas. While Elise received a B.A. from the Art Institute of Boston, she never commercialized her artistic talents; rather they naturally infused every aspect of her being, manifesting themselves everywhere from her dress to gardening to photography to writing, all done with an artistic flair.

She was a tremendously gifted photographer with an extraordinary eye and her camera was never far from her side, capturing people and landscapes. Her father kept a photo she had taken of her brother Ben and his wife Susan by his bedside, saying it was like having them in the room. While she disciplined herself to become a skilled expository writer in order to promote her work’s mission, her natural writing style had a stream of consciousness quality that would give Poe a run for his money. And a voice mail message from Elise was sure to go on for minutes before she eventually got to the point of her call. It was all part of her charm.

As a child Elise, an adorable dimpled red-head was the adored toddler of the family. Always ready for an adventure she helped her sister win 1st prize in the Deer Isle Maine 4th of July Doll Carriage Parade by serving as a cosseted living doll. To us she was known as Tou Tou and when the family assigned roles based on Winnie the Pooh, Elise was named “Tigger” hands down. Always vibrant, lively, animated, active and moving, she was a natural dancer. When she hugged you it became a dance, a moment like no other. Such was her deep and abiding love, it spilled over into everything.

She made deep friendships with people wherever she went. People were attracted to her beauty and light, her joyous animated personality. Her love of travel and adventure carried through to her whole adult life, including driving a semi-trailer truck to Central America with provisions for the village. Elise spoke several languages including Spanish and Portuguese as well as the international language of music — her preferred method of communication. Music was always a huge part of her life. As her friends from the high school GHS class of 1985 remember, she was listening to Prince before anyone knew who he was. And so it was fitting that when she met the love of her life, Scott Southard, founder and owner of International Music Network International, he shared her passion and love for music. During their 5 years together, Elise enjoyed traveling with Scott and their home became Family Central as they hosted many memorable family and holiday dinners. She took pride and pleasure in her step-children and was an active participant in their development.

We will honor the great gift of her life by carrying forward each day her great curiosity, her active and loving heart that always sought to understand and to help others become all that they can be. We will take each moment and bring to it the tremendous joy Elise found in all that she encountered. As her friend Katherine Cordova said, “She saw and spoke and lived with her heart, with all her dear precious heart.”

Elise Hansen leaves her fiancé, Scott Southard of Gloucester, and his children, Nicole and Conor Southard, her mother, Sandra Nunes of Gloucester, her brother, Erik Hansen of California, sister Enid Hansen of California, brother Benjamin Hansen and his wife Susan of Texas, brother Christian Hart of Washington, sister Erika Hansen and husband David McCarley of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, formerly of Gloucester, and brother Ricardo Nunes and wife Darlene of Lowell, niece Karen Hart, niece Karissa Elise Hansen (daughter of Marc Hansen) niece Miranda Hansen, nephew Safaa Hansen, niece Gemma McCarley, niece Niku Hansen, niece Georgeanna McCarley, nephew Kent Hansen, niece Lily Nunes, great-nephews Corbin Carpenter, Ariyah Hansen and great-nieces Miela and Elise Carpenter (Marc’s grandchildren, the youngest of whom is carrying on Elise’s name), Aunt Bonnie Oakley, cousins Kevin, Adair, Diane and Shawn and friends from all around the globe, including Richard Leonard of Gloucester, Cathy and Jacques Reynaud of France and childhood friends, Jill and Carrie Stevens. Jill & Carrie were part of Elise’s childhood in Framingham as well as her 5 years growing up in Portugal and they will always be like sisters to Elise and Erika.

All are invited to a memorial service that will be held at the Shalin Liu Performance Center, 37 Main Street, Rockport, MA on Sunday Feb. 19th at 11:00 am. A Memorial Fund has been established.

A Winter Carnival Gloucester Block Party!

My good buddy Erika Hansen Writes-

A Winter Carnival Block Party! Fun for all ages! 

A block of Main Street (Elm Street to Pleasant Street) will be closed to traffic and we will be singing and dancing in the street! 

Come join your friends and neighbors on Main Street…You can always warm up by stepping into Art Haven or a shop or having a complimentary cup of hot chocolate (or having an even warmer beverage in Cameron’s or Alchemy or Pleasant Street Tea Co.).

Hope to see you there!


Block Party Alert: Liquor Board Special Mtg. 7/26/10 at 6p at City Hall

I’m no longer on the Block Party Committee but I miss hanging out with the hard working folks that put it together for all of us to enjoy-

From Erika Hansen on behalf of Downtown Block Party Committee:

Dear Friends of Block Parties,

The Liquor Licensing Board is calling a Special Meeting to revisit allowing restaurants to serve alcohol outside during the block party scheduled for August 8th (Sunday afternoon and evening) following the Triathlon.
The meeting will be:
Monday, July 26th
6 p.m.
City Hall
Kyrouz Auditorium
Let’s encourage as many people as possible to come out and speak in favor and show that the block parties are an important community-wide event.
And if you hear of any restaurants that feel they are suffering business losses during block party, please have them contact me.  We would love to work with them and give them tips about how to participate or cross-promote their business or perhaps apply for their own block party permit … Likewise, if you know of restaurants that benefit from the spillover from block party, please pass along that theirs is an important voice to be heard on Monday.
If you can’t make it on Monday, please send a letter of support (it can be short & sweet!) to the attention of Licensing Board Chairman Ed Pasquina via the
Clerk of the Board, Pauline Doody
City Clerk’s Office
City Hall
9 Dale Avenue
Any questions or comments, please call or email.
Thanks so much.  We really appreciate your help and support.
on behalf of Downtown Block Party Committee

June 19th Downtown Gloucester Block Party Preview With Erika Hansen

Erika Hansen Previews New Changes and Highlights This Year’s Downtown Gloucester Block Parties

Everything Kicks Off Next Weekend With The First Block Party Of The Season.  Get Your Restaurant Reservations In Now!!!!!!!!

Celebrate Gloucester Pics From ciabat

Matty Rose in the Hizzy!

e40, originally uploaded by ciabat.

One of the Cape Pond Ice Coolest Mom Contest and All Around Outstanding Egg Erika Hansen and Hubby Dave
Judy Destino and GMG’s David Cox
David and The Host of the Evening- Mr Mark McDonough

 The Lovely Jen Amero

Community Heart and Soul Photo Contest

Good Buddy Erika hansen alerted me to this contest

From Erika-

The photo contest deadline is JANUARY 31!!!!  But it’s really easy to enter. And you can submit up to five photo entries.

I am thinking perhaps one of the Lobster Trap Tree Photos?

There’s something special about every community—the corner barbershop on Main Street, acres of wilderness, busy local shops, a striking shoreline, lively gathering places and deep-rooted traditions. That character is why people love their towns, it’s why they live there, and it’s also increasingly in danger.

BiddoRochambeau_260x400.jpgEnter the Orton Family Foundation’s first Heart & Soul Photo Contest and help us and citizens of small cities and towns across the country celebrate, nurture and revive community heart and soul—the special cultures, landscapes, economies, traditions and values that make places unique.

1. Take a photo that captures the heart and soul of a community you love.
2. Fill out the contest entry form.
3. Upload up to 5 photos to Flickr and post them to the Community Heart & Soul Photo Contest Group.
4. Tell your friends, visit often to see new photos, and come back in February to vote for the win


Vickie Van Ness, Erika Hansen and Councilor Jackie Hardy

Block Party Article From The Times

I’d just like to make sure everyone knows that Vickie Van Ness, Erika Hansen and Councilor Jackie Hardy are also part of the Block Party Team as they weren’t mentioned in the article today but the whole team puts in a ton of positive energy into bringing you the best Block Parties possible.

Please Help And Fill Out Downtown Gloucester Survey

Friends and fellow Block Party Committee members Erika Hansen and Linn Parisi asked me to help get feedback for this on-line survey to help downtown-

Hey Joey,

A quick survey to help downtown: on-line survey link below


Do you shop downtown Gloucester? If you do, why do you? If you don’t, why don’t you?

B.U. MBA candidate, Ben Hildreth, has teamed up with Cape Ann Business Incubator to create a survey designed to find out the answer to these questions (and more) with a view to helping existing and potential downtown business owners learn what the locals want – and need.

Surveys are very user-friendly (they take approximately 2 ½ minutes to complete) and will help downtown merchants meet the community’s needs.

Click the link at the top of this e-mail to complete the survey on-line.

For more information, contact Erika Hansen at 978.282.7779 or info@businc.org.

Note: FYI, there is also a Visitors’ Survey, which Ben Hildreth developed in association with Seaport Gloucester Destination Marketing Organization, designed to help tourism-related businesses understand the needs of their market.


GMG/CABI St Paddy Day Window Display Contest Winners Video

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1931141&dest=-1]

Thanks to all those who participated, it really brightened up Main Street.  Main Street is going to be hopping this summer between the new construction at the Former Gray’s Building, The Block Parties, The New Ice Cream/Candy Shop, The Joke Shop.  There is some significant investment going on Downtown.

Gloucester Rocks, and this summer it’s going to be the best one yet.  I can feel the excitement starting to build with the nice weather!

Kid’s Closet Second Place Tie Winner Pam Amaral Of The GMG/CABI St Paddy Day Window Display Contest

Here Erika Hansen from Cape Ann Business Incubator and Sharon Lowe from Good Morning Gloucester present Pam Amaral her second place tie award certificate for outstanding St Paddy Day window Display as voted by the readers of Good Morning Gloucester.

Look for the video with all the winners at 10:00AM

Things To Do- Twinderella

This from buddy and co Block Party Committee member Erika Hansen-

“Please forward to your peeps.  This play is very kid- and adult-friendly!

Thanks!  Erika
Come see East Gloucester School’s Performance of Twinderella!
March 26 at 7p; March 27 at 7p; March 28 at 2p
Tickets $5
If you’ve never heard of Twinderella, here’s a little background information about this very funny and entertaining play:
Did you know that Cinderella has a long lost twin brother named Bob living in the same kingdom with his own wicked stepfamily? The separated siblings have enlisted the services of the Fairy Godmother, the Godfather and two enchanted gerbils to help wile their way into the exclusive royal festivities of Wychwood under-Ooze. Bob has his sights set on Prince Percy’s all-kingdom baseball game, while Cinderella eyes the birthday gala for Princess Petunia. When the two strangers disappear at midnight after Cinderella hits a game winning homerun, the search is on to find the feet that fit the glass slipper and the muddy cleat!
This hilarious musical send-up of “Cinderella” will delight actors and audiences alike!!
More details in the attached flyer. Hope to see you there!”

Erika Hansen 82 GHS Yearbook Photo

Here is fellow Block Party Committee member and all around good egg Erika Hansen’s ’82 yearbook photo.  Erika tells me she wasn’t around to have an official yearbook picture so they used a passport photo.

(Looks more like a mug shot to me)

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