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Baked Stuffed Lobster and Oyster Beat Down With My Boys Toby and Enrico Pallazzo

Made with Only The Finest Ingredients Including Damariscotta Oysters, Captain Joe and Sons 2.5 lb Lobsters, Entre-Deux-Mers Vino, Oysters, Crabmeat, ect, ect, ect…

video coming

The Results Of The Good Morning Gloucester Italian Sub Challenge

I decided to end the nomination period early so we could perhaps catch the nominated sub shop/bakeries off guard.  There was 4 nominees clearly in the lead at the time of the tally.

Our judges Craig Kimberley, Ed Collard, Toby Pett and Erik Lorden each individually placed their orders for a large Italian sub with oil and seasoning at the respective sub shop/bakeries.  Again, wanting to perhaps throw off the nominated sub shops/bakeries that may have been on the lookout for a sub order for a “Large Italian Sub with everything on it”.

I assigned a point system that heavily favored taste (totally subjective) and value cost per pound (totally non-subjective) with 40 possible points awarded in each of those two categories.

Remaining was 20 possible points for equal distribution of meat and condiments.  5 points for the least equally distributed meat and condiments 20 points for the sub with the most equally distributed meat and condiments.





The scoring went as follows-

Cost per pound

Sclafanis $6.09 per lb- 40 points

Virgilios $7.14 per lb 34 points

Destinos $7.16 per lb 34 points

Jeff’s Variety $7.44 per lb 32 points

Taste 1-40 possible points

average of all 4 judges-

Sclafanis 33 points

Virgilios 21.25 points

Destinos 26.25 points

Jeff’s Variety 25.75 points

Equal Distribution of Meat

5-10-15-20 least Equally distributes to most equally distributed

Sclafanis- 10

Virgilios- 15

Destinos- 5

Jeff’s Variety-20

Total of Scores Combined for Your Winner





Again I’d like to thank the four judges- Ed Collard, Toby Pett, Craig Kimberley and Erik Lorden. Thanks to Kim Smith and Craig Kimberley for taking photos.

 I’d also like to reinforce that there’s no shame in coming in 4th.

It’s true what they say, just like the Oscars, just to tally the number of votes to be nominated makes you a formidable joint to get a sub in the first place.  No losers all winners in my book.  I wouldn’t hesitate to order a sub from any of these places as well as many other sub shops in GTown that didn’t get nominated.

We’re crazy lucky that way, spoiled with great eateries in Gloucester.


Eating With Joey or Watch The Bald Guy Eat- You Pick

You pick the title- I’ll change it once all the votes are in by tomorrow

Erik Lorden- Vows To Wear Burger King Hat To Chagrin Of Entire Family

When Erik Lorden, my buddy and the owner/chef at Passports stopped by to pick up lobsters yesterday he was wearing this Burger King Hat.

He vowed to wear it all day long much to the chagrin of his entire family.

I think he’s ought to check the ventilation in the kitchen, he must not be getting enough oxygen to his noggin.

Erik Lorden Tries To Work Out A Bribe With Disco Inferno

Using our press passes, Erik Lorden the owner/chef extrodinaire of Passports and I try to work out a bribe with Disco Inferno, one of the refs at the Boston Massacre/Maine Port Authority Roller Derby Bout.

Disco wasn’t biting and as it turned out the bribe was unneccesary as the Boston Massacre led by Rockport’s Krush Puppy routed Maine from start to finish.

Erik Lorden Tries To Work Out A Bribe With Disco Inferno, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


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