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Ask Joey C- Engagement pictures…help!

Hi Joey,
This might me the most random email you’ll ever get…but I had to send it regardless. My fiance and I are planning engagement pictures in Gloucester (like…very soon. this week, soon! eek), where we’re also getting married. Your Flickr pictures are amazing, and you’ve already given me awesome ideas from that….but I was just wondering if you knew of any different spots that only a person who knows Gloucester as well as you do would know of? We’re trying to stay away from super beachy engagement pictures….I love the old fisherman boats and we’ll probably take pictures down town, too. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Joey C writes-

I would contact Cory and Violet at Sweet Shots Secret Spots and book a day in their jeep-

Sweet Shots Secret Spots On GMG

Where would you suggest?

Whatever you do, don’t do this to your future husband-

Engagement Photos From Rockport

Posted on April 1, 2011 by Joey C