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Thank you Eloise and Madeline

Sunday afternoon Eloise and Madeline and Joey stopped by, affording Mom Jill the opportunity to go to the market. We played dolls, but only for a moment—the girls were much more interested in Cosmos the Cat, Rosie the Dog, the magnifying glass, and butterflies. Several days later an envelope bursting with drawings made by the girls arrived in the mail; drawings of Cosmos and Rosie, butterflies and hearts, diamonds and sunshine. Thank you Elosie and Madeline for the super fun afternoon and beautiful drawings. I love your special gift! 

Three Way Family Interview

The Bean, Snoop Maddie Mad and I conduct three different Interviews…simultaneously…with each other.

It’s all part of their training to be the next generation of media moguls in their father’s footsteps, Ha! 🙂

Here you go, three different perspectives of the same interview.


Favorite snapshots from the pre-plunge breakfast at Passports

Thank you Passports for hosting the super delicious New Year’s Rocky Neck Pre-plunge breakfast! A wonderful time was had by all!! Beautiful Ciaramitaro family–video footage will have to wait until tomorrow– in the midst of making New Year’s dinner for my family.  Happy New Year to All!

Click the last photo to see slide show

Happy Birthday To The Schooner Lannon

The Family was honored to sail on the 14th Birthday Sail aboard the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon last night on her 14th Birthday.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- There is no more beautiful boat in Gloucester Harbor and going on an afternoon sail is a MUST DO activity for anyone- tourist or resident alike. 

Do yourself a favor and book a sail here- Schooner.org

This will be a family collaboration post as The Bean and Snoop Maddie Mad both helped take pictures for the entry-







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