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2013 June International Dory Race Eliminations Results

3 races, winners
Masters over 40 Erik Dombrowski Glenn Harrington
Men’s open
1st heat Joe Cominelli Ray d’Amico
2nd Heat Jimmy Tarantino Tom Jarvis
These two face off Monday night at 6 PM Niles Beach to determine US team for Open category.

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Scenes From The International Dory Race Eliminations 6/5/10

June 5, 2010

More Dory Race Eliminations Coverage Coming Monday When The Showdown Between The New Jersey Crew of Mick Cote and John Swift Face Off vsJoe Sanfilippo and Mark Duval For The Right To Represent The US vs The Canadians.  Also To Be Featured Monday Night At Niles Beach Will Be The Over 40 Race Between Mike Harmoon and John Scola vs Ray D’Amico and Lenny Billante.

The Breakdown From Jimmy T

Monday night at 6PM Niles Beach will determine the final crews to face the Canadians.

International Dory Race Eliminations Results As They Come In

Mixed Doubles Winners Len Robertson and Christina Carpenter



Juniors Winners Randy Parisi and LJ Robertson



Women heat Unopposed Winner Amy Robertson/Christina Carpenter


Winners Over 40 Heat 1 Mike Harmon/Joe Scola


Winner Over 40 Heat 2Ray D’Amico/Lenny Billante


Winner Seniors Heat 1 Joe Sanfilippo/Mark Duval


Winner Seniors Heat 2 Mike Cote/John Swift