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Local Scenes from Manchester and Essex

The view over Winthrop Field towards the farm in Manchester has been taken many times, but does not get old, at least not for me.  In Essex I sat waiting in the Marsh across from Farnham’s for hours to catch the Egret in flight.. Well, actually I picked up Chowda and walked across the street and there he was, ready to take off! Sometimes you just get lucky! Click on images for larger view.

Did You Know (Goose Cove)

painting of egret feeding at Goose Cove in the low tide shallows

Painting by E.J. Lefavour

That Goose Cove Reservation was conserved by a group of concerned Gloucester residents who cherished the natural scenic beauty of this woodland as seen from Route 127?  The property features wooded upland, rocky shoreline, and tidal mudflats.  The scenery is some of the most beautiful and tranquil of all Greenbelt properties, and provides an opportunity to study varied plant and animal life.  A variety of estuarine and marine plants and algae exist in unusual proximity along the shoreline, and there is an abundance of shorebirds.  Geologic features include Cape Ann granite, horenblended granite, glacial erratics, glacial outwash, and moraine.  Great spot for Hiking, birding and nature study, cross country skiing & snow shoeing, fishing, and canoeing.

Direction from Route 128, at Grant Circle in Gloucester:
Drive north on Washington Street, Route 127, toward Lanesville for 1.9 miles. Landmarks you will pass are: the hospital on your left, the Ralph O’Malley Middle School on your right, you will drive over a causeway, and pass The Grange on your right, and a sign for the Beeman School.  The Goose Cove parking area is on the right.  This is a blind right turn that could be easy to miss.  If you pass a small municipal building on the right, you have gone to far.  Visit http://www.ecga.org/properties/goosecove.html for more info.

This painting is of an egret feeding in the shallows at low tide in Goose Cove.

E.J. Lefavour