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Reimagining Railroad Meeting at City Hall

Reimagining Railroad and Maplewood and … Gloucester Community Development / Metropolitan Planning Area Council Catt Ryan submits- Hey Joey, Last night, Community Development partnered with the Metropolitan Planning Area Council (MAPC) to host the first in a series of discussions … Continue reading

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Catherine Ryan submits- Thank you again Sibley family! The recent GMG Hopper post of the Sibley family helping to identify the Rockaway Hotel in an Edward Hopper drawing generated more discoveries! For reference, here’s the Hopper Rockaway image and a … Continue reading

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Catherine Ryan confirms Rockaway Hotel as another Gloucester Edward Hopper match with help from the Sibley family

Hi Joey, I am hoping readers may think about this Gloucester Edward Hopper project when they peruse old family albums. Why? There are still more Edward Hopper locations in Gloucester to uncover, and the photos may help identify the original … Continue reading

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Db submits- NPR on Edward Hopper

Just came across this piece on WBUR about a photographer who has produced a book of photographs of the houses that Edward Hopper painted in Gloucester. “Photographer Gail Albert Halaban spent her childhood summers in Gloucester, Mass., a small seaside … Continue reading

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Catherine Ryan Kicks The NY Times In the Nuts With Her Killer Edward Hopper Interactive Maps and Photos and Other Stuff

8 Slides from the NY Times vs 100 Hopper Slides from Catherine Ryan, Who Ya Got? The NY Times Features 8 Hopper Slides Here Catherine Ryan’s awesome Edward  Hopper Gloucester MA Website- http://5trg.zapd.co/ ZAPD http://5trg.zapd.co/ Catherine Ryan’s Edward Hopper Gloucester … Continue reading

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Community Stuff Monday

Lanesville Site is one of Edward Hopper’s 90 Gloucester works and continues to inspire contemporary artists For Lanesville Save the Shack –see posting from GMG Lane’s Cove Fish Shack Restoration Auction Harbor Loop Gloucester Maritime, Saturday April 21, 2012, 1-4PM– … Continue reading

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Edward Hopper Paintings/Pictures Presentation

This link was sent to me by Catherine Ryan.  Click the picture for the full presentation Catherine writes- Hey Joey Edward Hopper Gloucester There are more than 80 known titles of Gloucester imagery by Hopper. There is a dynamite range … Continue reading

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Edward Hopper Houses of Gloucester, MA Compiled by Daniel Marley courtesy of Julietta House www.juliettahouse.com

forwarded by Tim Blakely at http://www.gloucesterbytes.com The Mansard Roof (1923). Watercolor on paper. Brooklyn Museum of Art. Edward Hopper: “At Gloucester, when everybody else would be painting ships and the waterfront, I’d just go fish around looking at houses. It … Continue reading

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Bookshelf Books- What Are Yours?

Some people have book shelves and they feel the need to fill them up with stuff. Sometimes they fill them up with stuff out of necessity because that is the only place to put their stuff.   Some people fill them … Continue reading

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