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Radio Shack 127 Eastern Ave in Gloucester.

I have been having a terrible time with my iPhone 5.  Apparently some people have had 

a hard time shutting the iPhone 5 off, and unfortunately, I am one of them.  Finally, it wouldn’t shut off at all, so after weeks of it on constantly, the battery was shot.  So much time wasted each day with the crazy phone.  Now I am a strong Apple fan and have been almost from the beginning of the company.  BUT after driving an hour to an Apple store in our state of New Jersey, they said I would have to leave it with them for five or six days.  I don’t think so.  You should be very proud to have such a wonderful Radio Shack in Gloucester.  A lovely woman called their tech, Travis, who was off for the evening, and believe it or not, after we spoke on the phone, he came right into the store.  Travis set a time on his day off, the next day, and came in to work on my phone.  Two hours later…FIXED!  Completely, and for a fair price.  I declare them better than Apple; never thought I would say that.  Just know that if you have a technical issue, there is a good chance, Travis can fix it…cheerfully too!  Thank you for fixing my iPhone, I feel blessed for stopping into Radio Shack.  Linda

Linda rae castagna