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Get Crackin’…Egg Hunt Throw Back

Happy, Happy Easter!

I know that I have totally used these photos in another post here on GMG, but they are my all-time favorite Easter photos ever.  This kid kills me.  Finn turned the lovely and charming Rockport Egg Hunt into some crazy rugby inspired grudge match.  When the leader of the egg hunt said, “Ready, set, go” he took off all Ninja Warrior from one end of the field, clear down to the other, and back again.  He slowed down long enough to grab just one little egg.  I have absolutely no idea what was going through his head, but I laugh and laugh every time I see these pics.

Throwback Thursday Sista Felicia’s Annual Palm Sunday Easter Egg Hunt/Brunch




Thursday is TBT~ Throwback Thursday on Facebook.  Every week I look forward to the dozens of old photos posted.  Today while working on a Sweet Sixteen Surprise for our twins latter this summer I came across some priceless old photos of friends and family at a few of our past Annual Palm Sunday Easter Egg Hunts/Brunch’s, that I just had to share!  A few children in the photos have already graduated from college, others are graduating from college this year, many from high school, and dozens are currently completing their sophomore year of high school now…to all our friends and family…I hope you enjoy this journey back in time!




Community Photos 3/27/13

A Perfect Gloucester Spring afternoon! Alice Gardner


Easter Bunny sighting Sunday on Front Beach, Rockport

Hi Joey,

Not sure this qualifies for the blog, but in the hopes that it does, I’m sending along a couple of pictures of the Easter Bunny taking a beach stroll.


Patty aka Capeannpatio

March 24, 2013 Rockport 114March 24, 2013 Rockport 119March 24, 2013 Rockport 122


Traditional Easter Bunny Cookie Making At Sista Felicia’s House

Will the recipe make the cookbook?  Only Sista Felicia Knows!

Video Tomorrow!

Here’s a picture from back in at my mom’s place in Naples making them with the Bean back in 2008-


Easter Bunny Wears Flip Flops- It’s True!

Recent evidence suggests that not only does the Easter Bunny drink Miller Lite, but he also wears flip flops.  Hmmmmmm……

This fucker is shady…I’m just sayin!  Just look at those eyes.