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East Gloucester Marine Construction Phases

Here are pictures showing roughly the same view of the progression of work to construct the new deck at East Gloucester Marine.

To see a more detailed slideshow with many more larger sized pictures click here- EGM Slideshow

East Gloucester Marine Work, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

East Gloucester Marine Construction Update 4/26/08

Looks like they are tying the deck into the mainland with rebar.  Close to being done on this advanced engineered pier.  The people that poured the concrete told Manuel who is a dock manager there that he has never poured concrete on a pier engineered to such high standards.

East Gloucester Marine Construction Update 4/18/08

First there was the concrete filled steel pilings which support the huge cement and rebar frame.

Then the pre-poured panels were set in place which locked into place on top of that frame. Now another layer or cement reinforced with rebar is being laid over all of that which will tie the whole thing together.

I swear you could support an aircraft carrier on this deck.

Great job.

East Gloucester Marine Construction Update 3/16/08

Here is a long view of the new pier.

Note the difference of the newly constructed mega-dock to the right and the old traditional pier to the left?

It’s like comparing The Hulk to Pee Wee Herman.

Look at that carrying beam(what the heck are they going to be supporting to build like this?

East Gloucester Marine Construction Update 3/16/08

Here are some of the pre formed decking slabs that are notched out to place over and interconnect with the huge carrying beams.

Pretty forward thinking in marine construction.

East Gloucester Marine Construction Update 3/16/08

This is about as heavy duty dock construction as it gets around here. I can’t imagine what it is they will need to support to build with such large carrying beams, but it looks like they are doing a great job.

This is a new type of marine construction to me where the pre formed concrete decking slabs are notched and fit in over the huge carrying beams.

The photos in the blog don’t do justice to the scale of how large those beams are. Click on the pic and when it brings you to my flickr page of the photo select the “all sizes’ option over the picture to see it in full scale. That way you can get a better perspective.

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