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Attention Nike: Make Me Up Some Dri-Fit Boxer Briefs Stat


I have the greatest idea in the history of underwear and I can’t believe this hasn’t been done already.

With the insano heat we’ve been experiencing I know men everywhere will agree that a sweaty nutbag that’s stuck to your leg is just no fun.

Nike makes the greatest Dri-Fit moisture wicking t shirts known to man so why not whip up some Dri-Fit Boxer Briefs?

Hey I’ll be the spokesmodel for free. I’ll be the first customer and I’ll promise to buy 10 pairs (white please, I don’t need any fancy wierdo colors or designs, call me traditional)

Just get on it and produce me some Nike like STAT.

Men everywhere shouldn’t have to endure heat induced sticky nuts all day long when the answer and the technology is there for the taking.

My platform if I ever run for President will be nice dry nutsacks for every man in America if I get elected.  Screw wasting money on all these messed up pseudo environmental programs where the only one saving or making money are the hacks behind these pseudo green technologies who take bajillions from our taxes.  I’m promising a better American guaranteed and it starts with nice dry nuts.

Dry Nuts are Happy Nuts- That’s what I always say.

Who’s With Me?

Signed Joey C



(I’ve dated some broads in the past that could probably benefit from some Dri-Fit panties as well) just sayin…