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Creative people battle addiction

Recent events should make it fairly clear that the war on drugs is a dismal failure.  Debate rages (as it should) about what might work and today it seems fitting to look at how creative people help in profound and very personal ways.

Now, you might assume that creative people tend to be more susceptible to addiction than the rest of us — think Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, Philip Seymour Hoffman … the list goes on.  But creative people may also offer the best solution to the problem by expressing their personal experiences through their art in a way that touches us deeply and gives those of us who might fall into addiction something to hold on to.

One of my favorite young artists, Tristen, who’s appearing at Brighton Music Hall tonight with Jeremy Messersmith, has a wonderful song with a catchy tune and simple, profound lyrics that express, through pop music bliss, her resolve not to feed her friend’s habit while continuing to love and care for him — Here’s the chorus.

I will never falter, I will never fear
For I’ve seen the demons love can conquer disappear

Watch her video

Closer to home, local rising star, Chelsea Berry’s song You Me and Mary shows us how drugs can ruin a relationship.  Listen here:

Oliver Stone, in his cautionary movie The Doors, demonstrates how drugs and excess killed one of rock music’s most creative geniuses.  This is the best anti-drug experience you could ever give your kids.  Make them sit through the whole thing  before they’re 12.

If recent events aren’t enough to convince you the war on drugs is folly, watch Steven Soderbergh’s brilliant film Traffic.  As Roger Ebert says in his 4-star praise of this extraordinarily creative film, “This war is not winnable on the present terms, and takes a greater toll in human lives than the drugs themselves.”  Watch this trailer:

PSA To All You Kids Out There- You Think The First Time This Broad Popped A Pill She Ever Imagined That She’d End Up A Mess like This?

Andrea Cortois posted this to twitter-

This girl could have been attractive.  She could have been a lot of things.  But look at her.

A mess.

Think any addict starts out taking drugs thinking they were ever going to end up blowing ugly dudes so they can afford their next fix?  Think anyone ingests balloons full of drugs only to shit them out to smuggle them or hide them because they’re normal?

Here’s a little suggestion for you-

Don’t think you’re stronger than the drug.   It doesn’t matter how strong willed you think you might be.  Imagine if the chance of you got addicted was only 10% even though it’s way higher.  Would you take a 10% chance that you’d ever end up looking like this chick?

Would you take a 10% chance that you’d end up getting screwed by ugly dudes for money to buy drugs because you were that desperate?

Do yourself a favor and find other ways to distract yourself.  Throw yourself into creating art.  Throw yourself into sports or working out.  Throw yourself into taking higher education classes.

Throw yourself into anything but taking drugs.  Not once.  Not ever.

Don’t be the chick with horrible acne screwing ugly dudes for money to buy dope.

Joey C Advice To Youngsters

There will come a day either in middle school or high school or on the street with friends that somebody offers you pills to get high.

Do yourself a favor and just never ever ever ever ever take one.  Not if it’s free, not if your friend or acquaintance makes fun of you or calls you a pussy.  Not if that really hot chick that you’ve been dying to get with is there and she is taking one.   There’s no freaking reason for you to take a pill recreationally.

Yes you’re young.  Yes you feel invincible and your testosterone and estrogen are doing crazy things to your body. But just trust me on this one.  I’ve seen smart good looking people that thought they would only take them once in a while just completely screw their lives up.  First you need one or two,, then one or two turns into four or six,  then your missing days at work, stealing from your parents to get money for pills, then you try the oxytocin, then the oxy becomes too expensive and while just a year before you would laugh at the idea that you would ever consider sticking a needle in your arm you have to get high and the only thing you can afford is a cheap bag of crack or heroin.

There’s no need to take pills.  None.  Not to look cool because some hot piece of ass broad is taking pills, not because your buddy is taking them, no reason.  No reason at all.

Please don’t consider this preaching.  Just consider it a friendly message from someone who wants the best for you.  I’ve seen handsome young men turn into walking dead zombies and I want better for you.  I’ve seen beautiful young women turn into crack ho’s with brown jagged teeth and sullen sunken in faces that made them look 30 years older than they were.

Oh, and stay in school for as long as you can pull it off, it’s wayyyy easier than working for a living.