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driftwood-pebble-beach-rockport-2-copyright-kim-smithThis beautiful lunk of wood at Pebble Beach appears as if it is a trunk and root system. Would it be possible that it is from an ancient tree that was at one time growing there, or do you think the driftwood just landed there in that artful manner?


Beautiful piece of driftwood on GHB last night. Driftwood really is a natural blank canvas. I should’ve brought it home and made a “Welcome Pirates” sign like I used to do with my Dad when I was little. Glue some seashells, a little marker, add some old line, hang it by the front door and Voila,  instant Pirate greeter!

(If you look closely you can see my polar bear playing in the waves.)

Driftwood for Christmas?

Driftwood Tree and Painting at the Tusinski Gallery

Yes!  I would love a sculpture made from driftwood for Christmas, thank you!  In our house, we place a high premium on driftwood.  A huge piece hangs over our fireplace like a great big mounted fish (yes, we realize this is strange), so you can imagine my delight at finding trees made from driftwood in a few shop windows in Rockport this season.  These driftwood trees look great as sculptural pieces of course, but you could also be adventurous and treat your driftwood tree like a conventional Christmas tree.  Add homemade ornaments and admire.  And just think – no pine needles to sweep up!  Look for artisan-made driftwood trees at Rockport’s Tusinski Gallery on Main Street and Lula’s Pantry in Dock Square.