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1st Annual Cape Ann Easter Bunny Drop From Drayton Freeman


We thought you might enjoy our 1st Annual Cape Ann Easter Bunny Drop™ which we held on our balcony opposite St Peter Square in Gloucester.

Attached is the pic of the Easter Bunnies (they aren’t real bunnies) lined up awaiting the perilous drop and video of them being launched off the balcony and parachuting safely to earth.

Keep up the great work with your blog!

Drayton Freeman

Gloucester Harbor Sunrise Video From Drayton Freeman


I’m the person who made the time-lapse video of St. Peter’s Marina that you featured on your Good Morning Gloucester blog. Thank you for sharing it! That’s exactly why I posted it… for others to enjoy.

I live in Boston but am up here in Gloucester house-sitting for 2 friends who have apartments overlooking St. Peter’s Marina. Before I realized you had posted the snowstorm video I made a sunrise time-lapse video in HD with my iPhone. A link is below. Nice Indian Summer sunrise.