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Coconut Is Free At Last!


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 A few days ago we were greeted at the door by a very proud Coconut sporting her “dangling” plastic cone.  God only know how she managed to wiggle it loose while we were out! After a few failed attempts, with the sad puppy eye stair down, the cone was successfully refastened around Coconuts neck for the remainder of her recommended recovery days post eye surgery, preformed by Dr. Ray Cahill at SeaPort Veterinary Hospital. Happy to report that our Coconut was finally freed from wearing the dreaded “hard plastic Cone” yesterday and tomorrow she will be off to K-9Kuts for a much need bath and day of beauty with Julie Borge!


coconut 2https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEVVboe5GhA

Coconuts First Meal Post Surgery




Coconut rested peacefully after we finally decided to remove the hard plastic cone from her neck last night after several hours of whimpering caused by her frustration of being unable to get in a comfy position with it on. A friend hand delivered a soft inflatable cone after hearing about her discomfort, but that too was no go for Coconut.  As long as I am within reach and or in her sight she continues to rest comfortable by the fireplace and remains uninterested in the stiches in her right lower eyelid. Coconut seems more bothered by the hair shaved on her leg during surgery then her swollen eye. Dr. Ray Cahill continues to check in and warns to keep a close eye on her if she is without the protective cone. This afternoon I fixed her favorite lunch “Grilled Basil Chicken” with the hope that the smell of it cooking on the grill, would motivate her to leave her cozy spot by the fire and draw her over to my feet in the kitchen, where she usually sits when I’m cooking. My plan worked like a charm. Coconut perked right up and enjoyed every last piece.


Thank you for the kind messages wishing Coconut a speedy recovery!


She’s  a lucky pooch to be so loved by so many.  



For my “Grilled Basil Chicken” click link below





Woof…Woof…Dr. Ray Cahill Writes~We wanted to offer to help answer questions and hopefully quell concerns about the Canine Influenza Virus that has now spread to the North Shore. Here’s a primer with a link to some reliable information if you think it’s blogworthy.


Ray Cahill

SeaPort Vet Hospital


According to the State Veterinarian, multiple cases of Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) have been confirmed in dogs on the North Shore. All cases were reportedly exposed at the same day care facility in Ipswich.

The main thing to know is that this is not an epidemic. Canine Influenza is new to our area, and there is no need for alarm. Owners whose dogs go to daycare, boarding facilities or dogs shows are already familiar with the risks of traditional kennel cough and how to help protect their dogs via vaccination. CIV (the symptoms of which mimic those of kennel cough) presents one more challenge to dog care facilities and the pets that visit them. Those facilities may already be considering whether or not to require the influenza vaccine.

The Canine Influenza Virus is highly contagious between dogs but will not transmit to people or other species. Not all dogs become sick when exposed, and serious illness from CIV is uncommon. Also, just like for most diseases, dogs that are sick, immunocompromised or very young are considered most at risk.

Reliable information about CIV can be found at:


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